13th CK: Painting a Yarn Bowl, Girls night out.

Painting the Yarn Bowl

What a great time I had with all had girls

yarn bowl 11

Getting Ready to knit

A couple of months ago on FB I ran across an ad for painting a yarn bowl at Crock a Doodle a paint and pottery studio. Well, I immediately posted how much I wanted to do this & much to my surprise so did a few others. So a group of us got together last week and had a great time painting  yarn bowls and Christmas ornaments, then we went out for dinner.

Crock A Doodle (Paint & Pottery) Studio


Question: Painting, pottery & yarn does it go? YESSSSSS!

God Bless & Paint Potter On


Remember to take time out for yourself. I forget to do this until a friend reminds me! Maybe that’s why enjoy these times with my friends so much. Take care everyone.



12th CK: I Knitted my Remembrance Day Poppy

Knitting a Remembrance Day Poppy


poppy 10

This Remembrance Day I started my search for a knitting project and this is what I found. This is a special year because it’s the 100th Anniversary of the end of WWI. So I started to dig in my scrap yarn basket and found a beautiful deep red yarn, a dark blue yarn and a variegated green yarn that complimented each other beautifully then I started to knit.

As I started knitting other thoughts came into my mind and realized I don’t want to forget the freedom I have today was won at a great cost of life. Funny! That knitting a poppy for this Remembrance Day got me thinking about what this little flower should mean to me and maybe with all the turmoil that is happening in the world right now we should pay extra attention to what this poppy means.

This was a wonderful knitting project for me to knit up and I wanted to share it with you all.

Here is the link for the Woman’s Weekly knit & crochet poppy for Remembrance Day (Poppy Appeal). I hope you all enjoy knitting or crocheting this poppy as much as I did.


Lest We Forget

In Flanders Fields


Questions: What are you Knitting or crocheting today, and does it have a special meaning for you? You don’t have to answer, just whisper it to yourself.

Note: I have to say that I crocheted the middle piece of the poppy because I didn’t like the knit instructions and it just didn’t work out right. I just did a magic circle of six chains and increased as I went about three to four rows.

God Bless & Knit On, never forgetting

Thank you







8. CK: Crochet a Basket for my Yarn Stash

My Practice Basket

A Small Start

This basket only holds three skeins of yarn but it is a great start.

About a year ago I started to see an over flow of yarn in my living room and decided I needed to tidy up a bit. I went basket shopping and wasn’t happy with the selection. Then I started to find knitted and crocheted baskets on Pinterest and this is my first basket and I’m very happy with the results and now that I have the basics, I’ll be able to create bigger baskets for more yarn. I’m not sure if I’m creating, order in my house or just more room for yarn?

I found the pattern through Pinterest that lead to Ravelry. The designer is Elisabeth Pardue, Chunky Basket. And this pattern is free. This is the same yarn I used for the boho style flip-flops.

  • I used this yarn, different from her suggestion: T-shirt, (5) Bulky, BERNAT Home Dec. Spice verigant.
  • Hook: 8 mm

Questions: Are you an avid basket maker? Is this how you organize your yarn? Do you knit or crochet them?

God Bless & Crochet On

Thank you