40. Vintage Sewing Advertisements & More

40. Vintage Sewing Advertisements & More

 Vintage Sewing

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For an item to be truly vintage it must be well used and passed down at least one generation, a different era! Do you agree? Anything vintage has always attracted my eye and so I dedicate this post to all things vintage. From notions, books, sewing machines, patterns and advertisements. I’ve also added my own vintage items that have been passed down to my family & myself.

I ran across this article about the history of Butterick patterns. I thought I’d share it with you. I enjoyed this history on Butterick because it took his wife to point out her wish while working at her dinning room table with a sewing pattern, that’s all I’ll say!


Patterns from 1890s to 1900s, and only .15 cents

I can imagine these might have been quite expensive in their day and the pattern would have made the rounds in a community.


Dress Forms

I’ve come across some truly horrifying contraptions that were used a long time ago to create the perfect womanly silhouette.

Notions & More

Buttons, spools, wicker sewing baket & WWII sewing kit. While on vacation this summer I found an industrial sewing machines that sew sails and a wooden ironing board.


Dressmaker French Curves

Simply elegant rulers to look at but practical for every day jobs in a seamstress work shop.

Tailors Rulers

Vintage sewing machines

I myself do not have the honor of owning a beautiful vintage sewing machine but I have a cousin who has two that were passed down through family. These two sewing machines came from two Grandmothers and will be passed on to their granddaughters, lucky girls.

2 sewingmachines

My own Vintage Thimbles


Thimbles from my Great Grandmother and Grandmother on my mother’s side.

These thimble are the only vintage sewing items that have been passed down to me through my Aunty Bev. They were used quite a bit as you can see by the holes on top. These thimble came from my Grandmother Gorham and her daughter, my Grandmother Doyle, my mother’s mother. To this day I still pull them off the shadow box my father made for me to hold my thimble collection. I also have a few items my mother has passed on to me, hardly vintage but you have to start somewhere. Over the years my mother has been quite proud she could pass on her sewing book and notions to her daughter. In a way it’s almost a right of passage! From mother to daughter. Most importantly she has passed on her sewing wisdom, that must be said.


I came across this book: (New Vogue Sewing book, by Butterick Publishing from 1980) in Fair’s Fair a used book store while rummaging for the knitting books. The Costume in Detail by: Nancy Bradfield, first published in Great Britain in 1968, reprinted in 1975. This second book was found in Value Village.

Last but not least

The last of the bunch, I kind of got carried away with this post.

What vintage sewing, tailoring or quilting items have been passed down to you or that you’ve found in rummage sales?

God Bless & Sew on




5. The green silk brocade dress.

Well I was able to just fit the green dress onto Gillian and take a better photo. As you can see I wasn’t able to zip-up the back zipper and I believe that my mother was fuller in the bust area compared to me in our early twenties. The simplicity of this dress makes it a timeless classic.

The atributes that I like about this dress are: the wide scoop neck line front and back, side bust darts and the double ended back and front darts, a 11 1/2 inch side, back zipper, thin sleek shoulder strapes and the whole garment is lined beautifully.

My Mother took a great deal of time and care in sewing this dress and it shows.

I’ve got to take a better photo of this beautiful dress my mother made. In fact it was her first big project as a new seamstress. Check out the new pictures.

I’m going to attempt to recreate this dress and I’ll show you my progress as I go along. This dress is about 65 years old and still beautiful.

Question: What was the pattern?

About 10 years ago my mother gave me this dress she made. Now in the late 50’s to early 60’s this dress was made and would be the first of many creations. This fabric landed in my mothers lap because my father traveled a lot for his job and always brought home beautiful fabrics: wools, linens and silks. Before this dress was made my mother had a seamstress sew all her garments, but when the seamstress saw the green silk brocade she said, no! get a more accomplished seamstress to sew this for you. Instead my mother took sewing classes and This dress was the first real, good out fit that my mother made and it was sewn for a formal Canadian Military dance.