49. A School Sewing Project (pencil case)

49. A School Sewing Project (pencil case)

My son’s pencil-case


When kids sew

Recently my eldest son brought home one of his projects he completed during  CTF classes. Along time ago these classes were once called home economics but today they’re now referred to as career and technology foundation. For the past three years while in middle school he has enjoyed CTF and is always early for school on these days.

Every once in a while he brings home one of his projects for me to see. On this occasion  he gave the pencil-case as a gift to his younger brother, who was quite pleased about it. I enjoy these little glimpses’ of his work and I’m grateful because I know he shies from displaying his talents to others.

When I first saw this pencil-case I was drawn to the great colours combined and clean lines; with the pattern of squares inside a perfect rectangle. On closer inspection I was happy to see his stitch work around the zipper was straight and even all the way down the zipper. I’m glad to see that my son takes such pride in his work, that sewing is a skill he enjoys.

As a parent it is a constant challenge to engage a teenager in school and when a child takes an interest in an activity it’s always fun to see the end results of their efforts.

These are a couple of his earlier projects from CTF.

  • Crazy art
  • Stool
  • Pillow
  • Pie & cake server


God Bless & Sew on