6. A Dress Form named Gillian.

Yes! my dress form was named by my little man. As soon as I brought it into the house he was dressing it and had given her a name (Gillian).  This is my first big expence outside of my sewing and serging machines. Gillian is a Signature Styles and I’m so pleased with her, because it gets a bit difficult to fit a dress to one-self sometimes.

I’ve made a dress form sock for her so I could apply style tape to establish guide lines for my draping classes through The University of Fashion, an online course for all things concerning fashion: from draping, fashion drawing, sewing, to running a buisness and so much more.

The guide lines I’ve made are: across the cust points to the side seam, side seam, waist, hip, shoulder and shoulder blade. These marking enable me to drape accuratly.

More pictures soon to arrive via my son!
Do other people love playing in your sewing room?

I’ll add new pictures as my son plays dress up with Gillian.