60. 4 Summer Dresses to be Sewn.

60. 4 Summer Dresses to be Sewn.

My Summer Dress Sewing Goal 

The Four Dresses are:

Dresses from left to right.

  • Burda 7828
  • McCall’s M6752
  • Butterick B6054
  • McCall’s M7186: This dress has to be finished.

I picked these patterns and the fabric last summer and I’ve been too busy to finish or even start new ones but this summer I’ll dedicate the time to sew in the early mornings with coffee in hand and Janome revved up.

In preparation for sewing this summer.

  • All patterns minus (McCall’s M7186) must be brought out of their envelopes to asses the size I want through flat pattern measuring.
  • Clean and reorganize the sewing room.
  • Clean my Janome.
  • Get thread and needles.
  • Practice sewing with the fabric and find out what needles are the best.

I will be posting my progress as I go.

Question: Do you have your summer projects lined up yet?

God Bless & Sewing On








16. My (Ghana) Dress.

I’m very fortunate to have a friend like Rita. I have always admired her dresses from Ghana, where she comes from. The simplicity of the dresses design is it’s very attribute. The fabrics patterns and colours are fun and festive to my eye.

Well, one day while admiring Rita’s dress I expressed a desire to have her seamstress make me one in Ghana, which was her sister. Now Rita being who she is would not hear of me paying, so we soon struck a deal. I would teach her oldest daughter to knit and she get the dress for me. A fine deal indeed.

Her sister is so excellent a seamstress that she made this dress solely on a few measurements from me and some pictures of what I looked like in different coloured out fits. Rita suggested the style and her sister chose the colour. I have to say the fit is perfect. I was so pleased as soon as I saw the dress, I immediately went and put it on to show Rita so she could take a picture to send to her sister. You know I’m still scratching my head, I’m still not sure how this came about. It must be that Rita is simply just great. This Ghana dress makes me the 50’s dresses.


These fun fashions’ from the fifties have always attracted my eye. For me this is a timeless fashion. That always makes a woman look and feel beautiful, and personally I think every girl deserves a fun dress in her closet. You know I believe Rita was just as pleased with the dress as I was.

The dress design is beautiful in its simplicity. The skirt is gathered, the bodice is fitted with a princess line in the front and waist darts in the back, the neck line is curved and to top it  all off are the capped sleeves.

I’m truly grateful to have such a generous friend like Rita. I shall enjoy teaching her daughter to knit.

Is there someone like this in your life?