76. Two more Aprons too Crossover: 1st (Plaid)

Double Sided

These are my latest fabric finds for two more crossover aprons. I’m finished with the plaid and have already cut out the linen. I’ll probably pick up more linen with a different pattern and make my one linen apron into two aprons by splitting up the different patterned fabric. This will give me a two sided apron with opposite patterns.

Pockets & Loops

With this apron I decided to add two pockets, one on each side for convenience. The loop was added because not everyone has a wooden, peg rack to hang all their beautiful aprons on, some of us just have a small hook in a utility cupboard. This time I placed the pockets to the sides of the apron and not out front.

Back side cross over

This is a very roomy and comfortable apron, that is easy to cook and clean in. The convenience of the pockets to put nick-knacks in as you muck about the house is a benifit to any house keeper who will always run out of jean pocket room while vacuuming the house especially when they’re kids involved. I never knew what I’d find on a cleaning day, an apron like this would have been great when my children were young. When Lego and Hot Wheels were to be found everywhere in my house.


Would you sew an apron like this for yourself?

God Bless & Keep Sewing On

Until I sew again, thanks. Jennifer

P.S. I’ve checked out the linens at Fabricville and will be not picking out a different patterned linen to compliment the fabric I have now. I didn’t see anything that I thought would be a good match. I will start sewing the linen apron today.

30. Treasures found at the local Value Village.

Making a used cap new.


On the hunt for a good cap

I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the lookout for the right cap. It takes me years sometimes to find the right article to add to my closet, in this case a universal cap. I’ve come across many hats, caps, fedoras and your good old vintage toque. I’ve always admired people who can look good in any hat. I on the other hand have felt hat challenged, because I’ve always thought hats and I didn’t go necessarily together as well as I would have liked. Until I came across this cap at our local Value Village while I was enjoying a lazy afternoon wandering up all the isles. As a family we enjoy spending an hour or two at our local Value Village after morning Mass looking for those hidden treasures. My kids can be found in the toy section, my husband is lost somewhere between the utility and men’s wear and I go everywhere in that store, you just never know!

My alterations to the cap

I will be making an addition to this cap because its an itchy wool. I’ll add a lining to the inside head band to protect my forehead from the itchy wool. I chose a flannel lavender strip for the lining and yes! it’s not the same colour as the cap but that’s why I like this match. I have never been one too always colour coordinate my wardrobe. I’ve always wanted to do things differently, not sure if that’s good or bad, it’s just the way I am.  I’m drawn to things that are just on the other side of the ordinary, I like colours, furniture and such to not fit together perfectly but that’s how I think they work best. My mother would say I was a bit eclectic. What drew me to this cap was it’s colour, I like blues. The weave is fabulous, makes me think old English/Sherlock Holmes tweed. The hat buckle is wooden and a bit chunky and there is a strap around the head band that’s a plaid variation of the tweed that matches even if it’s a mix matched affair. I even like and think the embroidered writing on the back adds to the caps charm. I love mixing colours, pattern and textures all at once just like kids who wear plaid, stripes and poke-a-dots together and some how get away with it.

Things I learned along the way:

 As I hand stitch the protective band on the inside of the cap I realize that I should have cut the fabric on the bias so it would form flatter to the curve of the head band, we’ll see how it goes. I may not have to rip out the band I’m putting in.Well my addition worked out better than I expected, and I’m pleased with the results. If right time is taken anything can be found even a silly cap.

Have you found your right cap? or are you still looking?