11. Soft Tailoring class and an unfinished Jacket.


This Jacket was started in a Soft tailoring class I took  in 2003 and I’m eager to finish it this year.

The pattern I used was Vogue 7606, and I had to grade down this pattern.

The pattern came from Vogue 7606, but unfortunately I picked up a size too big. At the same time I was reading an article about Grading a pattern up or down in Threads magazine (July 2002) issue unknown as of yet. With this article I was able to make the necessary changes to the size of my pattern. This method is called “Grading” and its a wonderful tool to have at one’s disposal.

I have found the perfect way to find something that I’ve lost is to start cleaning!

So in the pursuit of finding this elusive magazine that seems to have gone missing on me I discovered a few gems and a few other things that are unwanted in my sewing room, while cleaning up.  I was quit surprise to find a set of rulers that I’d forgotten about, dead bugs in my sewing stash drawer and a few patterns that I didn’t know I had been missing, and Yes! the article from the Threads magazine. But not the Threads issue! This magazine I have been looking for all this week, so when I came across the photo copy of the article I remembered that I had photo copied it, at some point and put the copy in my sewing examples binder to save the magazine from over use. Mind you, I’m starting to worry now, have I! Did I! throw this magazine out unintentionally?

The pink fabric with gold brocade is what I’m going to use to line this jacket. I found this great find in a second hand clothing store and I’ll have enough left over to line another jacket, that I found in the same store. But that’s another blog.

If you know the issue I’m referring to please let me know.

How to line a jacket correctly? also I’ll discuss how I graded my jacket pattern in another blog about soft tailoring this jacket.


12. Vintage Aprons made new.

I wear an apron every time I cook or when just puttsing about in the kitchen. I found this excellent apron book at my local book shop and couldn’t resist, the colours and style of patterns were so fun and the finished garment makes work in the kitchen fun.I always feel like I’m dressing up just to cook dinner or bake an apple pie.

You’ll notice the apple pie at the top. Yes! I love baking apple pies and eating them too. This particular pie was cooked; in a cast iron, dutch oven lid, while at a friends cottage and it turned out beautifully.

The author of this fabulous book is Nathalie Mornu: “A” Is for Aprons, and the apron I sewed up is called (Josephine).

In the book Nathalie made her apron double-sided but didn’t mix and match the tops and bottoms. Where she used the same fabric for both top flap and skirt bottom, I switched the tops and bottoms so that I could see both fabrics at the same time when I was wearing the apron.

The fabric I used was for another project but I felt that the fabric (quilting) wouldn’t stand up to the wear and tear that I intended for a yoga bag. So, I repurposed this fabric to the apron you now see. And I’m quite pleased with the results.

Is there an apron that you use in your kitchen? and does this apron inspire you to make on yourself? I’m definitely looking through the book again because it’s time to make a new apron for the kitchen.

I have more aprons in my kitchen, one more practical while the other was handed down from my mom.

5. The green silk brocade dress.

Well I was able to just fit the green dress onto Gillian and take a better photo. As you can see I wasn’t able to zip-up the back zipper and I believe that my mother was fuller in the bust area compared to me in our early twenties. The simplicity of this dress makes it a timeless classic.

The atributes that I like about this dress are: the wide scoop neck line front and back, side bust darts and the double ended back and front darts, a 11 1/2 inch side, back zipper, thin sleek shoulder strapes and the whole garment is lined beautifully.

My Mother took a great deal of time and care in sewing this dress and it shows.

I’ve got to take a better photo of this beautiful dress my mother made. In fact it was her first big project as a new seamstress. Check out the new pictures.

I’m going to attempt to recreate this dress and I’ll show you my progress as I go along. This dress is about 65 years old and still beautiful.

Question: What was the pattern?

About 10 years ago my mother gave me this dress she made. Now in the late 50’s to early 60’s this dress was made and would be the first of many creations. This fabric landed in my mothers lap because my father traveled a lot for his job and always brought home beautiful fabrics: wools, linens and silks. Before this dress was made my mother had a seamstress sew all her garments, but when the seamstress saw the green silk brocade she said, no! get a more accomplished seamstress to sew this for you. Instead my mother took sewing classes and This dress was the first real, good out fit that my mother made and it was sewn for a formal Canadian Military dance.


1. A Tribute to my Mother, who took the time to teach her daughter to sew.

1. A Tribute to my Mother, who took the time to teach her daughter to sew.

My mother is a very creative person and over the years she has tried her hand at many things from: ceramics, knitting, painting to sewing. In fact she is pretty much a self taught artist. and if I my say so myself a great one at that. Early on in life my mother  taught me how to sew and over the year I have sewn on and off for 27 ish years. I took a fairly long break in my twenties but still my mother was relentlus in her sewing influence.  For Christmas one year ,while I was living far away in England, my mother gave me a book; about sewing two-hour quilted christmas projects. And my love for sewing was ignited yet again. When it came time for me to marry my fiance, I wasnt impresed with the wedding dresses at the time and I’m definatly not a white, puffy dress kind of girl. So I called my mother up and asked if she’d help me make my wedding dress. And as they say that was the very beginning seeds sewn for a career in sewing. I write this blog so I can practice and improve my skill as a seamstress and designer, and to be a writer of all things concerning sewing. I’m a stay at home mum and I’m creating an environment for my family and myself so I can be self employed. I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy the sewing that i’ll write about.


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