56. The Odds & Ends: A Busy Weekend

56. The Odds & Ends: A Busy Weekend

The End is in Sight

Whether it is knitting or sewing I always find one weekend where I spend my time finishing up those projects that are so close to being finished. This weekend I spend my time starting the last phase of a wall quilt and knitting I-cords for a shoes-lace and a bracelet.

The I-Cord Bracelet

The Bracelet I have yet to jazz up with some charms and beads, and the last shoelace was completed at last.


I-cord Shoelaces

I ran across this I-cord pattern years ago that I couldn’t even tell you what magazine I found it in. This is the first time I’ve tried them out and I have to say I like the results and it’s a great way to use up scrap yarn.

Celtic Wall Quilt

I’m so very close to finishing this lovely quilt that I’m almost overwhelmed. It has been an epic journey, and I have learned so much along the way.


What I have left to do: Because I have endeavored to make this quilt look like a stained glass window. My next job is to sew on the shards of glass that will surround the middle celtic knot. The problem is with the top stitching at the points. I’ll be using a different colour thread that will compliment the coloured fabric and will be using a zigzag top stitch with a shortened stitch length. For the next couple of day I’ll be sitting at my sewing machine attacking this problem from different direction to see what works best. Then I can sandwich the whole thing together, top stitch and bind, I think a binding in white. After that there is another one to come, and that quilt should go faster because I’ve ironed out all the wrinkles.

I have to say I love the feeling when I finish up a project, such satisfaction!

Question: What charms should I put on my Bracelet? Need to go shopping.

God Bless & Sew, Knit On



I will post pictures of the finished wall quilt.



2nd. CK: Knitting Fabulous-Shoelaces and Charmed Bracelets with Button closures.

I-Cord Projects


Many years ago in a knitting magazine I ran across a great little pattern on knitting shoes laces and like so many things in life it gets shelved, lost then forgotten, until I ran across a gem of a pattern on I-cord bracelets with button closure. Now! these two patterns looked very similar and so I started playing around and lo and behold I had found what was once lost, excellent! So, I started to knit, but why stop at bracelets and shoelaces? Why not try different needles sizes and yarn weights.

Boots with laces


Bracelets with Charms & Beads

Picture soon to come, when I finish the bracelet.


Different I-cord Cast-ons with Needle sizes

The red chunky yarn has a 5 st C/O with a 8 mm needle, while the worsted blue yarn is a 4 st C/O with 6 mm needles.

Multiple C/O

As you can see that multiple cast-ons can be done as well as knitting multiple i-cords at the same time. When I was knitting these example up I imagined all the possible uses for these wonderful little or big i-cords and these are some of my ideas’.

  • Hair accessorizing
  • Jean belt
  • Neck, wrist or ankle jewelry
  • Purse straps
  • Key chain
  • Bookmark

My Easy Pattern for an I-cord

You can apply these simple knit instructions for the I-cord with different CO stitches, (3, 4, 5 & 6) & yarn weight. This is a great way to use up your scrap yarn and while you’re at it embellish your creations with charms, buttons or beads.

Yarn: Fingering /sock weight.

Needles: 3 mm Double point.

Gauge: None.

Size: As long and big as you want.

Add-ons: Favorite buttons, charms and beads.


C/O: Cast-on

B/O: Bind-off

K: Knit

St/sts: Stitch/stitches

DP: Double pointed needles/cable needles

Instructions: (you knit every row)

  • C/O 4 sts
  • Knit all 4 sts.
  • Push your work from the left side of the DP needle to right side.
  • Knit next row and all rows after.
  • How to close I-cord: Knit by pulling the yarn snug from behind to knit first stitch. This move makes the I-cord by closing up the back. See picture below.
  • Continue until you have the length that you want.

As you can see from the two picture above that when you finish knitting you’ll find yourself on the left side of the DP needle, you then push your work back to the right-side of the needle. Knit the next row and continue doing this step until you have desired length.


This is the back of your work. You close this by pulling it snug from behind from left to right to start your next row.


You can see how I close up the back of I-cord.

Measure your shoelaces and decide if you want the bracelet to wrap around a couple of times or not. Your choice!

My shoe laces are about 43 inches or 108 cm long.

Add button: chain with crochet hook same or close to same needle size, then chain (3) sts depending on size of button, knot the end, and sew to the base of the first chain, presto! Your loop for the button.

Weave in your end and block your work.

Add your charms or beads as you see fit and wear.

This was one those little projects where you just have fun with and play! More pictures will be added as I finish more projects.

God Bless & Knit-on


Let me know your thoughts and any queries you might have.