Soon to come; For nurturing your love of sewing.


We believe in creating a community where like-minded people can come together to nurture their love of sewing and have dreams materialize.




We believe in creating a global platform were people can meet and discuss and be inspired to sew. Where they can showcase their sewing projects, and sell their own designs. Where you can finally become the designer you always wanted to be and create your own fashion lines. You will be able to promote your pattern designs as a designer on ads and link all your social media to your profile page and create groups and discussion forums where you can discuss your sewing projects, ask questions and connect with other like-minded sewers.

And what I hope to achieve

Ultimately I’d love to create a space for anyone who loves to sew and to nurture their dreams.

To start I must go back to the beginning for it all to make sense. My mother and I sew my wedding dress. This is when I decide this where I belong, sewing, designing and in my sewing room. But how to make this happen? That was my dilemma. After my husband and I moved to Lake Louise to spend our first year married in the mountains I started taking sewing lessons at a College in Calgary. This is a two-hour drive away, a drive my husband made with me every week. We then moved to Calgary, moved into our first house and I continued with sewing lessons at Chinook College. I took many classes with teachers that inspired me to be the best I could be. My favorite class was Discover the perfect fit, a class dedicated to altering a pattern to fit you. Pat was our teacher and she was thorough. Her name was Pat and she left nothing to chance, she was an exact personality and expected excellence.  I rose to the challenge and worked diligently. Pats best piece of advice in class one evening was this. Decide today what kind of seamstress you are going to be; a slap dash Sally or a persnickety Priscilla! I decide Pricilla was me and to this day many years on I find it difficult to leave a mistake even if no one else will see it. I always go back, take my seam ripper out and fix the mistake. My favorite part in sewing class was the construction, fitting and all the different fabrics I was introduced too. So it came as no surprise when I decided that I’d like to be a designer of women’s clothing.

The Dream is Born

One day I ask myself a serious question. How was I going to become a designer? During this time many things were changing the direction of my life. I was soon and eagerly awaiting my first child, two years later Chinook College would stop its sewing programs and my computer was beyond me.  So, I shelved my dreams, sewed for my family and embraced my new life. Then one day while walking my last child to his first day of kindergarten I realized my time would be my own again, if only for a short time during the week days. The dream was brought down, dusted off and re-examined. To my great surprise I found an entirely new dream, a dream that had matured with me. No longer was it just about me and my designs I had to find a way to bring my family along. Well, I looked at what had to be done to achieve this goal and I started taking classes on how to use my computer more effectively. I started to investigate social media and spent as much time as I could in my sewing room. By this time I had been knitting for a couple of years and had started designing my own knitted patterns and in time my blog on word press was born.

Now I have to point out something quite vital, I live in Calgary. No exactly the hub of the Fashion/pattern industry, but there was a College in Olds, a good hour and a bit away. This would have been fine if their were no children involved but alas my children take precedence and I wasn’t going to let anyone else have my pleasure. So, what was I to do? Look on-line! This is where I found The University of Fashion and I haven’t looked back.

University of Fashion link:

It is now about 12 years since I asked myself the question of becoming a designer and I have learned so much. Now I come to the end of this chapter in my story. Since October 2017 I have been part of an entrepreneur program called Women’s Venture Program through Momentum and I am now on the cusp of creating my own website, free for people to join. A village, a community where sewers, tailor, quilters and crafters. From all levels of experience, walks of life and all over the globe can come, share, create, sell and dream. There is still much to be done and worked out and I will keep everyone in the loop.

And last I’d like to part with a bit of wisdom I have learned along my journey and that is; many people will not see your dream clearly, you must learn to look past them and see your dream clearly.

My business logo is on its way, and will update this page asap.






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