60. 4 Summer Dresses to be Sewn.

60. 4 Summer Dresses to be Sewn.

My Summer Dress Sewing Goal 

The Four Dresses are:

Dresses from left to right.

  • Burda 7828
  • McCall’s M6752
  • Butterick B6054
  • McCall’s M7186: This dress has to be finished.

I picked these patterns and the fabric last summer and I’ve been too busy to finish or even start new ones but this summer I’ll dedicate the time to sew in the early mornings with coffee in hand and Janome revved up.

In preparation for sewing this summer.

  • All patterns minus (McCall’s M7186) must be brought out of their envelopes to asses the size I want through flat pattern measuring.
  • Clean and reorganize the sewing room.
  • Clean my Janome.
  • Get thread and needles.
  • Practice sewing with the fabric and find out what needles are the best.

I will be posting my progress as I go.

Question: Do you have your summer projects lined up yet?

God Bless & Sewing On









6th CK: Weekend Knitting.

Two Blocks Finished

block 1 and 2

What I learn upon finishing the second block. First my top right squirrels tail is a bit off, a huge chunk is missing, and I found that I had gained three extra stitches along the way and this explains my continuous problems with following the pattern. I decided to leave my mistakes because they’ll add to the charm of the afghan.

3rd Block in the Making

I started knitting the 3rd Block over the weekend and this is by far the easiest one I’ve knitted so far. The pocket has an invisible provisional cast-on, so I can knit the pocket onto the background of the block instead of sewing it on later. I had to unravel my stitches that I’d knitted for the pocket that were to be attached to the background because it became apparent I wouldn’t have enough stitches on the back ground left to knit on the other side of the pocket. Success this time around. A note on colour: the original pattern called for just grey mist heather but I decided to change things up a bit. I chose the grey mist heather for the background, teal for the pocket and fern for the I-cord leaf.

block 3

First try

pocket 1

Second try: success!

pocket 2

This is what the pocket looks like after I attached it successfully.

I have to continue for 31 more rows in stockinette stitch and I’ll have to continue the seed stitch with the pocket as well. Lastly I’ll knit the I-cord leaf that will be attached at the end. By the weekend it should be done.

Filigreen Shawl

I started this lace shawl a couple of weeks ago and ran into a snag, luckily I was able to contact the designer via Ravelry and she responded very quickly (with a solution) so quickly that I was taken by surprise. This shawl is knitted from the bottom up and I have never attempted so much lace before. She has asked for me to let her know how the shawl goes and so I shall.

filigreen shawl

Designer (Andrea Jurgrau) is found on Ravelry a knitting & crocheting website or in Knitscene 2012 the Summer edition, the yarn I am knitting with is from New Brunswick (Lichen & Lace) Sunburnt Lobster 80/20 sock, 334 m/365.3 yds.

First problem: The pattern calls for 384 m/420 yards but I don’t care I’ll just have to pick up another complimentary yarn to finish if I don’t have enough or I could just order more, we’ll see.

The link for the yarn:


Link for the shawl:


You’ll have to wait to see what the shawl looks like, I’ll post my progress.

Yarn 3

Remember take time to knit, sew and Love your family.

Question: What have you been knitting lately?

God Bless & Knit On



61. Weekend Sewing: Sewing the Fabric Glass Shards to Celtic Dress Quilt

61. Weekend Sewing: Sewing the Fabric Glass Shards to Celtic Dress Quilt

Glass Shards

Placing the fabric glass shards, now the arduous task of stitching down the pieces in preparation of the zigzag top stitch and as I’m finding out that’s not so easy.

glass quilt

I’m in the last lap of the race to finish this quilt. It’s been a long haul with many bumps along the way. This weekend I’ll be practicing and perfecting this technique of zigzag top stitching at very tight and pointy corners. I’ll be adding these fabric shards of glass around the center celtic knot.

Practice Fabric Shards of Glass

Perfecting the sewing.


Not bad for the first time but next practice piece I’ll start midway between the points, so my points will be cleaner.

Second Practice Piece

practice quilt

Well, I like my points much better. Now the fun part begins. Cutting out the bright coloured fabric and sewing it down for the zigzag top stitching, in different colours. I am going to have to slow up the sewing from the feed dogs to keep the zigzag thicker and not so sparse looking, but other than that I am pleased with my efforts.

One sewn and 14 more to go.

glass quilt 2

It was a picky but I managed it in the end. This week I’ll spend sewing these pieces of fabric to the quilt. Then it’s just a matter o sandwiching the whole thing together.

Just to remind everyone with what I started out with, two Irish dancing dresses. I can’t believe I’m so close to the end of the first wall quilt and I’m going to have to meet with my friend to discuss what she’d like on the back of the quilt, maybe an Irish limerick. Now that I know all the problems I’ll be running into I’ll have an easier time sewing the next quilt. 


God Bless & Sew On


Question: Has anyone tried to sew a quilt from Irish dresses before and how did it turn out?


56. The Odds & Ends: A Busy Weekend

56. The Odds & Ends: A Busy Weekend

The End is in Sight

Whether it is knitting or sewing I always find one weekend where I spend my time finishing up those projects that are so close to being finished. This weekend I spend my time starting the last phase of a wall quilt and knitting I-cords for a shoes-lace and a bracelet.

The I-Cord Bracelet

The Bracelet I have yet to jazz up with some charms and beads, and the last shoelace was completed at last.


I-cord Shoelaces

I ran across this I-cord pattern years ago that I couldn’t even tell you what magazine I found it in. This is the first time I’ve tried them out and I have to say I like the results and it’s a great way to use up scrap yarn.

Celtic Wall Quilt

I’m so very close to finishing this lovely quilt that I’m almost overwhelmed. It has been an epic journey, and I have learned so much along the way.


What I have left to do: Because I have endeavored to make this quilt look like a stained glass window. My next job is to sew on the shards of glass that will surround the middle celtic knot. The problem is with the top stitching at the points. I’ll be using a different colour thread that will compliment the coloured fabric and will be using a zigzag top stitch with a shortened stitch length. For the next couple of day I’ll be sitting at my sewing machine attacking this problem from different direction to see what works best. Then I can sandwich the whole thing together, top stitch and bind, I think a binding in white. After that there is another one to come, and that quilt should go faster because I’ve ironed out all the wrinkles.

I have to say I love the feeling when I finish up a project, such satisfaction!

Question: What charms should I put on my Bracelet? Need to go shopping.

God Bless & Sew, Knit On



I will post pictures of the finished wall quilt.



5th CK: Second Block of the Cascade Knitterati Afghan 2017

5th CK: Second Block of the Cascade Knitterati Afghan 2017

Almost Finished Block 2

block 2 CK.jpg

This is a lovely little design working with 4 yarn colours creating a squirrel, leaf & acorn pattern. On the second set of squirrels I had to unravel them because some how I got my colour work out of line and tried to fix as I went which didn’t turn out so well. Concerning the needle size I will be sticking with the 4.5 mm needles with all blocks. If the blocks are slightly off I’ll just create a border to make up the difference.

Yarn: is Bernat Satin, medium (4), approximately 200 yds or 182 m.

  • Lavender (04309)
  • Teal (04203)
  • Aqua (04201)
  • Fern (04222)

Gauge: For my knitting was approx. (19 st x 20 rows) = 4×4 in square.

Needle: I used 4.5 mm-US 7, but each designer used either 4 mm to 5mm needles sizes for their block.

The four yarns I used for Block 2


This is the first time I have ever attempted an afghan and so far it’s going well, mind you a bit slow. I’m afraid that is my fault, too many projects on the go. When I finish this square I’ll post a picture on the next CK post. So far this square is 11 inches wide, this is a bit off from my first square, 2 inches to be exact. I’m going to work a garter stitch border and attempt a mitered corner, I’ll let you know how that goes. I have 28 more block to knit.

Check out my FB group Knit-Along Afghan and see how I progress.

God Bless & Knit On




57. Sizing Gone Crazy: My Frustration

57. Sizing Gone Crazy: My Frustration

Embracing your Shape


Learning to embrace your emerging shape as you develop as a teen to a mature woman. In media we are not always encourages or even shown how beautiful the different body shapes are. We’ve only been shown one body shape for a long time and have been told that this body is the most beautiful and none other. Never taking into consideration that there are many beautiful women shaped differently in this world. Recently another body shape has emerged with much resistance  but perseverance has paid off and this I’m glad for. These are only a few body shapes and we must take into consideration all the variations on these shapes as well. Learning to love and accept your body shape is difficult in a world that seems to ignore most of them and only glorifies a few.

Women in Art

Look at all the beautiful women in art over the centuries, as you can see we come in all shapes and sizes.

Finding Your Shape

Three measurements: Bust, waist, full hips and a few more.


Sizing Gone Crazy

My frustrations when it comes to shopping are:

  1. I can go from a small to large size depending on what store I happen to be in at the time.
  2. I recently went bra shopping at the same shop I’ve been going to for the last 10 years and my cup size has steadily crept up to an unbelievable size yet my body has stayed the same, the only difference is I’m no longer in my baby making years so I have slimmed down a bit. I would even go so far as to say my cup size should have gone down as well.
  3. What is their purpose in trying to convince me that I’m smaller but lager at the same time.
  4. I get that the pattern and garment industry has a difficult time in finding a body shape average, but why confuse me with all these different sizing charts from different designers? I will say that some pattern companies indicate on their patterns which body shape the pattern most compliments, this I’m happy with.
  5. I don’t even bother shopping for dresses or trousers anymore because I find it so discouraging because I find my body type is not represented in the garment industry except at a few stores. This is why sewing has become so valuable to me.


This is mind-boggling, I’m not sure what to make of it. What do you make of it? Is it a reflection of todays sizes? The last ten years have really jumped. You know at the end of the day I’m not a size, I am a women trying to make sense of this craziness. My advice learn how to sew!!!

My Shopping strategy

When shopping write down a few thing on a flash card:

  • Your body shape.
  • Your relevant measurements.


  • Bring along a good friend.
  • Measuring tape
  • Try not looking at sizes, but rather look at the garment and gauge whether it would fit by visual inspection.
  • When in the change room still do not look at size but feel how outfit feels on you.
  • Try not to look at mirror they are always unflattering.
  • Go to the stores that accommodate your figure.


Let me know if there is anything I missed, and what is your take on sizing.

God Bless & Sew On



4th CK: Knitting my First knit-Along Afghan, by Cascade Yarn.

Knitterati Afghan Block 1

Knit A-Long Afghan

In 2017 Cascade Yarn celebrated its 30th Anniversary and they partnered with Vogue Knitting by creating a beautiful afghan called Knitterati. Every month throughout last year Cascade released two new block patterns through Ravelry, totaling 30 different blocks by different designers. I started this afghan early 2017 at the request by a woman who came to visit me at Café Knitting. By the way this is my first attempt at an afghan and so far my first block is 2 inches too big and that’s ok with me.

The Yarn I used:

Kniteratti yarn

I didn’t use the yarn that was suggested by Cascade yarn due to its price point; so, my knitting class asked for another yarn suggestion. I found this Bernat Satin yarn in Wal-Mart at $4.95 per cake.  Much to my surprise the Bernat colours were the same combination as the Cascade yarn colours that I liked.

Yarn Colours and cake amounts needed: These are the amounts I have so far, I would like to get another grey and lavender to finish up the amounts needed. I need 5 more cakes to finish the suggested yarn amount from Cascade, in total I need 23 cakes to finish the afghan.

These are my colours:

  1. Teal: 5
  2. Aqua: 4
  3. Grey mist heather: 3
  4. Fern: 3
  5. Lavender: 3

What needles and yarn I used compared to Cascade: 

Needles: 4 mm straight and double-pointed.

Yarn: Medium (4), 200 yds/182 m, Bernet Silk.

Gauge: 9 sts x 11 rows by 2 inch square.

Cascade Yarn and needle suggestion:

Yarn: weight (3) DK light worsted, 200m/220 yds, Cascade yarn 220 Superwash.

Needles: Cascade uses a combination of 4 mm/4.5 mm, straight and double-pointed.

Gauge: their gauge changes from square to square because of different needle sizes but the first square is 10 x 10 inch square.

1944 – Westpoint Blue Heather (4 balls)
1910 – Summer Sky Heather (6 balls)
1946 – Silver Grey (5 balls)
0905 – Celery (5 balls)
1949 – Lavender (3 balls)


Cascade Yarn Knitterati


I really fell in love with the colour combination and was very pleased when I found very similar colours from Bernat Silk.

You can get the blocks from Ravelry for $1 that goes to charity, whether you can get the free code for the Knitterati afghan or not you’d have to contact Cascade but if your interested in another Cascade afghan for 2018 you can sign up for their Gradient Lapghan that also supports charity, I am.

New 2018 Cascade Gradient Lapghan

Link to Gradient Lapghan: Cascade Knitterati Knit-Along Gradient Lapghan.


You need to sign up on the Cascade website and you’ll receive the codes and blocks monthly.

Come and checkout my FB group Knit-Along Afghan and see my progress and all the blocks for the Knitterati afghan. Good luck on your afghan adventures.

Question: Are you and experienced afghan knitter or are you like me, a beginner in afghan knitting/crocheting?

God Bless & Afghan-Along

Thank you