2. KbtP: Asymmetric shawl

What makes this shawl unique?

When I first thought of a new project for a shawl I wanted it to be asymmetric, but I wasn’t sure how to proceed. So I started playing around but couldn’t quite get the asymmetric look. I knew I wanted an eyelet as a decorative element and I also played with a kfb but I ran into a problem, there wasn’t asymmetric happening. I also knew there had to be a decrease but where and when was my problem. I also wanted a straight edge with no step decreases or short rows, what to do? I started to look through all my books, I looked at Pinterest and YouTube until I found just a single decrease is all that was needed.

The start of the asymmetric shawl

An asymmetric shawl is a triangle that is more long than wide. It is also knit at an odd angle creating the asymmetric shape of the triangle. Here’s what I mean, this is very mathematical of me but it makes more sense. It is a scalene triangle in shape with two acute angles at the long ends with an obtuse angle at the widest part of the shawl. I will illustrate in a drawing. Now your asymmetric shawl doesn’t have to be a scalene shapes triangle it can be more centered than mine but the knit direction gives is the asymmetric shape that create two long ends with a more shallow depth. A truly beautiful shawl to knit up.

To create the knit asymmetric direction you’ll need to understand just a few things. First you start at a long end that goes over your shoulder. Second, C/O the desired amount of stitches, btwn 3-5. Thirdly, (important) because I knit the garter stitch I marked my right and wrong sides. I always increased at the neck edge every row and decreased every second row on the opposite edge, so my shawl continued to grow at an odd angle.

Choosing your increases & decreases

I have seen a couple of different ways to proceed with the asymmetric shawl. But one rule remains the same, you’ll always increase and decrease on same edges. How you knit it is up to you. I’ve seen kfb, yarn overs for increases and short rows, steps and I just did a simple k2tog every second row for decreases. There are so many stitch variation that you’ll be able to create your perfect asymmetric shawl. I played around until I found the stitches I was happy with, so I encourage you to crack open your knitting books and create your own look.

Another look at an Asymmetric shawl

From Martina Behm who designed a beautiful shawl called the (Hitchhiker), a fun shawl to knit up. You can clearly see the stitch direction on this shawl.

Yarn, Gauge & Needles

  • Yarn: 2 skeins of green DK weight, 100% marina wool, 200 m-100 g by Celtic Raven Fibers.
  • Yarn: 1 skein of pink DK weight, 100% marina wool, 200 m-100 g by Celtic Raven Fibers.
  • Gauge: 17 sts and 35 rows (4 x 4) square.
  • Needles: 4.5 mm circular needles.

How to Videos

  • 1. How I started the asymmetric shawl.
  • 2. How the Y/O eyelet rows work
  • 3. How to Knit a Nupp: sounds like (noop), like soup.

1. How to start an asymmetric shawl

Y & N: Celtic Raven Fibers with 6.0 mm needles. Follow the Link below.


2. How I knit the decorative Y/O eyelet rows


3. How I finished with Nupps

I hope you enjoyed my videos, I certainly enjoyed making them. I found out they are harder to make then I originally thought and so I learned a lot along the way. The nupp video will be added when done.

Question: Have you ever knit an asymmetric shawl?

God Bless and Knit On

Thank you, Jennifer

1. Welcome to (KbtP) Knitting by the Project

Welcome to my Knitting by the Project where I will walk through the different stitch techniques that make up a project from start to finish.


This is my new Page called (Knitting by the Project) where I’ll walk you through my knitting or crocheting projects step by step. Whether I’m learning a new stitch or working with well used ones I’ll show you my progress as I work. With this page I’ll also be adding videos of how I work different stitches in each project.

What makes this knitting Page different from others?

What makes knitting page different from others? Well, instead of just showing different knitting or crocheting stitch techniques that independent of a project. I’ll show you the stitches I work in a project from start to finish, so you can get a whole picture of how different stitches go together to finish a project.Yarn in the Picture

The Patterns

I’ll be using a variety of patterns from different sources. Some of the patterns will be mine, as well as from other designers. I’m an entrepreneur myself and I value other designers work. Even though I’ll be showing stitching techniques from other designers patterns. I will not be giving patterns out that aren’t mine. I will though let you know who the designer is, their pattern and where I found them.

Yarn, Needles & Gauge

Yes I will be talking about the yarn and needles as well. Where I bought, how many skeins, size of needle and gauge. I will not leave you on the hook!

73. Designing my New Sewing Room in Nova Scotia

We moved into a bungalow just outside of a small village in Colchester County, Northern Nova Scotia. On a small 2 plots parcel of land to grow a big vegetable garden with a couple of fruit trees, and a creek running along the back of it. Truly a dream home for my family to grow and thrive in. If you’re not feeling a bit envious already, we also get to see the calves being born in the field past the creek during the springtime. A perfect place to finish raising my family and start my home grown sewing and knitting business. I’m tucked away in the spare room upstairs and not in the basement anymore. My sewing/knitting room is all mine and not a dumping ground for everyone else’s junk.

Spare Room

The new sewing/knitting office is just perfect in size and shape to accommodate my needs. 9 x 9′ room and closet 5 x 2′. My closet is compact with shelves for my various machines to be stored when not in use.

Sewing Table

The biggest and most used piece of furniture in my sewing room is the table where I will do all my work, so it had to be big to meet all my needs but also fit into the room without overwhelming the space. The new table had to be a versatile piece that met different functions from a desk for my computer to a cutting and drawing work station and a sewing table for my sewing and surging machines. When first dreaming up this table and its function I wanted it to have wheels, but when I saw my new room I quickly realized this would be too cumbersome to move around and the wheels would put the table top at an unusual height that would be difficult for me to sew at. The table top is bamboo kitchen counter top at (6 x 2.5′) which I have treated with a special oil and beeswax to maintain its health, this also keeps it smooth. To hold this table top up I went to Ikea and picked up two shelving units that are 30 x 30 inch with 4 shelves that hold containers for my yarn and fabric. These shelves are the only place where yarn and fabric are allowed to be for a stock pile free environment and keep my supplies in a manageable amount, so that I actually use the fabric and yarn instead of forgetting that I’d bought it.

Clutter free & Organized

My biggest aim in creating my new room was to be clutter free and organized so I didn’t feel like I was being pushed out of my room or over whelmed by too much hording fabric and yarn. I wanted to be able to use all of my fabric and yarn and then replenish it, a recycling of supplies. Basically a stress free environment for me.

Other Furniture

Book shelves, rolling notion trays towers and more. I picked out a comfortable, rolling, height adjustable chair that easily moves around on my wood floor. To hold all my books and binders I have a book and bakers shelf that holds and array of books baskets and binders. For additional storage I kept my bakers pie cupboard which I wasn’t willing to part with in the move. Here I keep an over flow of items.

Gillian’s New Home

Gillian made it across Canada in one piece with only a small hiccup of lost feet which the movers found for me. As you can see Gillian is very busy in her new home and she is getting ready to finish a jacket I started sewing too many years ago, looking great in a dress I just finished and trying on a new apron I’ll be selling in the summer.

These is still lots of work to do in my new sewing room but I’m quit pleased with my room so far. I’ll be changing light fixtures, a new coat of paint and curtains but all these thing take time. I will post when all is finished.

God Bless & Sew On

Question: What are you sewing now?

Thanks, Jennifer

10th. CK: Shawls (Hitchhiker)

Addicted to Shawls


One day while walking my son to school I passed by a friends house and there she was knitting a shawl. On closer inspection of my friends shawl I instantly fell in love with its simplistic design and I had to knit one myself. It took me a further three years to find the yarn I’d knit it with and a trip out East to Nova Scotia before I could start knitting.

This is a beautiful asymmetrical shawl that shows off the verigated yarn beautifully. The mini steps add a fun element that doesn’t distract from the overall look to this shawl.


  • Mineville, Nova Scotia Yarn
  • Mineville Wool Project
  • Super Sock 80/20
  • 2 skeins = 690 m/754.6 yds.
  • Machine wash (super wash care)
  • Hand dyed


Hitchhiker by Martina Behm, found on Ravelry

Question: Have you knit this shawl yet?

God Bless and Knit On

Thank you everyone and have a great day knitting or crocheting.

15th CK: Linen Stitch Bookmarks

 Another Great way to use up Scrap Yarn 

This Christmas I decided to start the task of finishing up projects that I’d started far too long ago to remember dates. There are many projects and I’m sure this will turn into a New Years Resolution, and unlike many people who avoid NYR at all costs. I don’t because whether I finish them or not I still make a dent in any resolution I embark on. This years resolution will be enjoyable and of course I received more yarn for a Christmas present. I don’t think of resolution as a unpleasant task. Instead of writing a list of tasks that have to be done this year, I write a list of things I have done. Do you see the difference. I learned this little trick from a friend of mine at a mothers group I have attended for many year now, and I’ve used it ever since. In fact these women helped me with my little Café Knitting business.

Early start on Handmade Christmas Projects

Because I’ve been a crafty person from a young age and have spent many a long night finishing up presents before Christmas morning. I decided that these little fellas would be great gifts to all the avid readers in my family, now the only problem will be keeping it a secret.

The Linen Stitch

This is a wonderful stitch to learn and incorporate into any project. About 5 years ago I started a project called the Mania scarf/wrap. Basically I cast on 600 stitches and you can go as many rows as you’d like, I suspect about 4 feet wide. I used fingering weight yarn and 3.5 mm circular needles and as you can imagine it was an epic project. Well I got bogged down with a mistake right in the middle at st. 300 and I’d gone a couple of rows before I saw my blunder. Well as you can imagine being a perfectionist can be a good thing or just plain bothersome. That being said I wasn’t going to unravel my work or go back at least 1000+ stitches so I did the most sensible thing and I shoved it to the bottom of my knitting basket for later consideration.  Now coming back to this year, I’ve made the NYR of finishing or making a dent in knitting projects. Knitting these linen bookmarks have encouraged me to dig out the mania scarf and once again start knitting. I will not be bothering with fixing my blunder and instead will just start the next row off correctly because in the long haul of life this little mistake will not affect the course of my journey and I’ll just have get over my perfectionist self and knit on. 

Here is how I knitted these Bookmarks up:  2 Row  Repeat

  • C/O 11 stitches and I used the cable cast.
  • Row 1 (RS): K1, *wyif slip stitch purl-wise, K1; repeat from (*) and making sure your last stitch is a knit. 
  • Row 2 (WS): K1, P1, *wyib slip stitch purl-wise, P1; repeat from (*) and knit last stitch.
  • Work these 2 rows for desired length, or about 7 inches.
  • Bind Off.
  • Break yarn, tie off, weave in ends, block and start reading.
  • Needles & Yarn: 3.75 mm DP needles, and fingering weight yarn.
  • Gauge: Not really important.

The linen Look

This stitch is basically a stockinette stitch with wraps on the front of your work creating the illusion of linen. The wrap is always on the right side as you can see all the little bars going across the rows.

NOTE: what is WYIF (with yarn in front) & WYIB (with yarn in back).

Working the (wyif) on RS – before you slip the stitch purl-wise you bring the yarn towards you (wyif) then slip the stitch, then you’ll put the yarn back to knit next st.

Working the (wyib) on WS – before you slip the stitch purl-wise you will put yarn to the back – away from you (wyib), slip stitch, then bring yarn to back to the front to purl next stitch. Because you start the (wyif & wyib) at different spots on RS and WS it off sets the bars on the RS of your work creating a linen look. I hope this explanation will help you whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned knitter.

Question: What stitch has been the most difficult for you to get your head wrapped around? Mine has been the linen stitch, and knitting these bookmarks have helped a lot.

Most Recent Bookmark finished

These little guys are a bit addictive, and don’t they just brighten up a book. I’m even looking at unfinished projects wondering would I have enough left over yarn to whip a bookmark.

Keep Calm and Knit On

Thank you, I always enjoy sharing my knitting with all of you, until the next project.

Happy New Year Knitting


14th CK: Knitting a Jane Eyre Shawl

Becoming Eyre Of Romance

Like most people who knit and watch period pieces on Jane Eyre, Elisabeth Gaskell  and anything Jane Austen. You’re sure to find something to do with sewing or knitting you can’t help falling in love with.

Eyre of Romance a Jane Shawl

This is what happened to me when I watched the 2011 Jane Eyre movie. I fell in love with Miss Eyre’s shawl. And much to my delight someone created a pattern called Eyre of Romance by: Kay Meadors/Natural State Knits.

The Yarn for my Jane Eyre of Romance shawl

The LYS in Prince Rupert

I picked up two skeins in Prince Rupert from a lady who had never knitted before and decided to leave the B&B she had been running for 10+ years to open a yarn shop. If you ever find yourself in Prince Rupert look for the yarn store formally known as (Costal Fibers LYS) this is still the website name. Its new name is ( e’Kletik trading Crafts & Workshop) FB page. Where many other crafts and classes can be found; yarn, knitting, crocheting, felting, furniture, artistic sign painting, aromatherapy and kids crafts. As you can see this was a fantastic store to walk into. Owner and operator is Christy Allen. Everyone in Prince Rupert was very happy to have a yarn store come to town, and Christy has done a beautiful job filling the store with a wide variety of yarn from Canada and internationally.

Website: is Coastal Fibers and Facebook PG: is e’Kletik

The Yarn

The yarn I chose for this project is a lighter weight then what was called for in the Eyre of Romance shawl. I used a 3.75 mm needle for fingering weight yarn. This changes the gauge so my shawl will be a tad bit smaller. Yarn: Fino Délicate + Resplendissante. Colour: Coraline, 75% Merino, 15% Cashmere, 10% soie/silk. Yarn amount: 115g/4oz & 370m/400yds. By Julie Asselin Fino and she is based in Quebec, Canada. This yarn is the colour of strawberries and is so soft. 

The Pattern

The Eyre of Romance Jane Shawl: by Key Meadors/Natural State Knits. The yarn she suggests is DK weight with a 5mm needle.


How do you find your projects? Yarn first or pattern first or a bit of both?

God Bless & Knit On

Thank you, Jennifer

P.S. I will post a picture of the finished shawl.

13th CK: Painting a Yarn Bowl, Girls night out.

Painting the Yarn Bowl

What a great time I had with all had girls

yarn bowl 11

Getting Ready to knit

A couple of months ago on FB I ran across an ad for painting a yarn bowl at Crock a Doodle a paint and pottery studio. Well, I immediately posted how much I wanted to do this & much to my surprise so did a few others. So a group of us got together last week and had a great time painting  yarn bowls and Christmas ornaments, then we went out for dinner.

Crock A Doodle (Paint & Pottery) Studio


Question: Painting, pottery & yarn does it go? YESSSSSS!

God Bless & Paint Potter On


Remember to take time out for yourself. I forget to do this until a friend reminds me! Maybe that’s why enjoy these times with my friends so much. Take care everyone.



12th CK: I Knitted my Remembrance Day Poppy

Knitting a Remembrance Day Poppy


poppy 10

This Remembrance Day I started my search for a knitting project and this is what I found. This is a special year because it’s the 100th Anniversary of the end of WWI. So I started to dig in my scrap yarn basket and found a beautiful deep red yarn, a dark blue yarn and a variegated green yarn that complimented each other beautifully then I started to knit.

As I started knitting other thoughts came into my mind and realized I don’t want to forget the freedom I have today was won at a great cost of life. Funny! That knitting a poppy for this Remembrance Day got me thinking about what this little flower should mean to me and maybe with all the turmoil that is happening in the world right now we should pay extra attention to what this poppy means.

This was a wonderful knitting project for me to knit up and I wanted to share it with you all.

Here is the link for the Woman’s Weekly knit & crochet poppy for Remembrance Day (Poppy Appeal). I hope you all enjoy knitting or crocheting this poppy as much as I did.


Lest We Forget

In Flanders Fields


Questions: What are you Knitting or crocheting today, and does it have a special meaning for you? You don’t have to answer, just whisper it to yourself.

Note: I have to say that I crocheted the middle piece of the poppy because I didn’t like the knit instructions and it just didn’t work out right. I just did a magic circle of six chains and increased as I went about three to four rows.

God Bless & Knit On, never forgetting

Thank you







9th CK: The Two-hole Toque.

The Ever Popular toque with a Hole

Whether you call it a messy bun hat, scrunchy hole hat or as I call it the two-hole toque doesn’t seem to matter. This fabulous hat is very popular with women young and old. I haven’t seen a guy with one yet but I’m sure they’re out there. They were first brought to my attention when one of my friends in a CK class suggested them for a project.


Toque: A very French-Canadian word.

Growing up in Ontario just outside of Ottawa, I never heard the word winter hat, ever! All I ever heard was “get your toque on, it’s cold out today”. As a child/teen I watched the hilariously popular group (Bob and Doug Mckenzie) make this word a Canadian house hold name.

bob and doug

A bit of History

The Canadian-English term toque was taken from the Canadian-French word tuque. There hats were also called the French Voyageur cap. In 1870 the word toque started showing in up writing in Canada. Many French fur traders who came to the New World seeking adventure brought with them their own unique culture and mixed with the First Nations. Many of these young men would never make it back to France and they married the women from the First Nations, creating a brand new cultural group called the Métis.  These French fur traders had warm woollen nightcaps to keep them warm on cold winter days. Other Nationalities call these hats by different names; such as, beanie, stocking cap and watch cap;but, to me these voyageurs caps look like the original slouchy.


If your interested in knitting a traditional voyageurs cap. Here is a pattern I found on-line called the Voyageur Cap (Pattern 2).

Click to access Voyageur_Cap_circular_needles.pdf

If you’d like to checkout my (The Two-hole Toque) pattern (the brown toque), you can find me on Ravelry under Canadianaknits or Jennifer K. Hanrahan. (free pattern)


Questions: Do you Knit? And do you want to learn?

God Bless & Knit On








6th CK: Weekend Knitting.

Two Blocks Finished

block 1 and 2

What I learn upon finishing the second block. First my top right squirrels tail is a bit off, a huge chunk is missing, and I found that I had gained three extra stitches along the way and this explains my continuous problems with following the pattern. I decided to leave my mistakes because they’ll add to the charm of the afghan.

3rd Block in the Making

I started knitting the 3rd Block over the weekend and this is by far the easiest one I’ve knitted so far. The pocket has an invisible provisional cast-on, so I can knit the pocket onto the background of the block instead of sewing it on later. I had to unravel my stitches that I’d knitted for the pocket that were to be attached to the background because it became apparent I wouldn’t have enough stitches on the back ground left to knit on the other side of the pocket. Success this time around. A note on colour: the original pattern called for just grey mist heather but I decided to change things up a bit. I chose the grey mist heather for the background, teal for the pocket and fern for the I-cord leaf.

block 3

First try

pocket 1

Second try: success!

pocket 2

This is what the pocket looks like after I attached it successfully.

I have to continue for 31 more rows in stockinette stitch and I’ll have to continue the seed stitch with the pocket as well. Lastly I’ll knit the I-cord leaf that will be attached at the end. By the weekend it should be done.

Filigreen Shawl

I started this lace shawl a couple of weeks ago and ran into a snag, luckily I was able to contact the designer via Ravelry and she responded very quickly (with a solution) so quickly that I was taken by surprise. This shawl is knitted from the bottom up and I have never attempted so much lace before. She has asked for me to let her know how the shawl goes and so I shall.

filigreen shawl

Designer (Andrea Jurgrau) is found on Ravelry a knitting & crocheting website or in Knitscene 2012 the Summer edition, the yarn I am knitting with is from New Brunswick (Lichen & Lace) Sunburnt Lobster 80/20 sock, 334 m/365.3 yds.

First problem: The pattern calls for 384 m/420 yards but I don’t care I’ll just have to pick up another complimentary yarn to finish if I don’t have enough or I could just order more, we’ll see.

The link for the yarn:


Link for the shawl:


You’ll have to wait to see what the shawl looks like, I’ll post my progress.

Yarn 3

Remember take time to knit, sew and Love your family.

Question: What have you been knitting lately?

God Bless & Knit On