Café Knitting

Knitting & Coffee is a great combination especially in a friend’s café

Café Knitting is now on hiatus because I live in another town and have not had the time to start the business up again. I will how ever keep Café Knitting posts up as I loved this time with my friends and hope you’ve enjoyed our knitting adventures. Thank you, Jennifer

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I love to meet friends and chat over a coffee and I often bring my knitting along. As time moved along it seemed only natural to combine the two and create knitting classes. I saw this as a wonderful opportunity while still raising my children. I presented my idea to my husband and he thought it was a great idea; so, the next morning at the mothers group that I attend, I asked my girl friends their advice. That morning (Café Knitting) was born. As luck would have it, a friend and her husband had opened a local café and she jumped at my idea of Café Knitting.

A year and a half ago I started throwing around the idea of starting a small part-time business for myself. It was important for me to still be available at home and tend to my family but as my children grew I started seeing opportunity and time that were open for me to get a part-time job. unfortunately other employers didn’t agree to my available hours. I then decided that I had to make my own opportunities and this is how I became a self-employed business woman.

I now welcome you to my knitting adventures at my friends cafe. (The Hub Cafe and Wine in Cochrane, AB, Canada).

Beginner Knitting Class Projects

Intermediate Knitting Class Projects

It’s funny how these opportunities arise out of the blue. The idea to take what I loved doing and creating my own business was born out of necessity.