Jennifer K. Hanrahan

Sewing by the Yard by: Jennifer K. Hanrahan

I suppose if I’m going to tell you a little about myself. I must first tell you about my mother who first taught me how to sew. My Mother sat me down in my early teens to teach me about sewing and from there I took sewing in High school, at this time I didn’t know that I’d like to be a seamstress until much later on. After checking out University and a working holiday in the UK was when I discovered my calling. I became engaged and realized I didn’t like the traditional wedding dress, so I phoned my Mom and ask if she’d help me sew a wedding dress. After I moved back home married and all, that’s when I started taking sewing classes from the local College. Along the way of raising a family I’ve sewed and now to finish of my training I’m enrolled in The University of Fashion via online.