19. CK: Be positive & Crochet some Hearts

Early morning crochet Hearts project

Tiny, Small, Medium & Large Hearts

In this time of isolation, it’s important to stay busy, productive and most importantly positive. This is why I thought a creative morning crocheting hearts would be fun. I started off yesterday crocheting face wash scrubbies for myself and progressed to crocheting hearts. These four hearts were super easy to whip up and can be used for a variety of purposes from gifts, scrubbies, decorate bags, and blankets. What ever your imagination can think up these hearts will do just fine. With this project I learned a new and easier way to work a magic circle with just the slip knot, and I no long cringe when someone says (magic circle).

Link to all the sizes of hearts

I mostly knit, but I do like to crochet on occasion especially if the project calls for it. What are you? A knitter or crocheter?

God Bless & Crochet On

In times like this don’t be over come by fear, search for the positive and be faithful to it. Your local neighbourhood crocheter, Jennifer.

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