77. New Singer that's older than me

Vintage 1947 Singer 241-11

Looking a bit worse for wear

Some where down a long road of owners, one of them decided to paint this vintage Singer grey, and the original colour is black. Because I cant read the serial number at this time I believe it was made in 1947 which makes this machine 73 years old, and that’s 25 years older than me. This machine still works wonderfully and I bought it for my use. I see not just doing odd jobs for people but more importantly sewing many different bags from purses to satchels and more, with beautiful linings.

I look forward to cleaning my Singer up to look more like this one.

I’ve spent some time looking my new/old Singer up on the internet and I’ve found out that they are going for $530.00 plus (Can), I paid my neighbour down the road $100 to take it off his hands because his wife needed it out of the house, which made me laugh. We loaded it on to the back of his truck, strapped it down and drove it to my house. The Singers new home is my laundry room in our basement, and what a laundry room it is. This room has 3 windows, and has 140 square feet of space. Truly lovely for me to move around in, but at the moment we have a lot of home renovations going on. So this room has turned into a bit of a dumping ground, in time though I’ll have the floor and walls painted. I may even put up curtains.

Manual Description

The Singer class 241 is a high speed, single needle, lock stitch machine with a completely automatic lubricating system. It has a gear-driven, lubricated rotary sewing hook and a drop feed.


Maximum speed of machines 241-11 and 241-12 is 5000 stitches per minute.

An Original Ad

To do list

  • I’ve just printed out the manual
  • Read manual
  • Bought the oil for a self regulating machine
  • Have to get new needles
  • Get more feet for different jobs
  • Buy thread
  • Practice

Question: The obvious, do you own a vintage sewing machine and do you use it to sew?

If you know anything about this machine please let me know, I’d love to hear.

God Bless & Keep Sewing Vintage On

Thank you, Jennifer

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