73. Designing my New Sewing Room in Nova Scotia

We moved into a bungalow just outside of a small village in Colchester County, Northern Nova Scotia. On a small 2 plots parcel of land to grow a big vegetable garden with a couple of fruit trees, and a creek running along the back of it. Truly a dream home for my family to grow and thrive in. If you’re not feeling a bit envious already, we also get to see the calves being born in the field past the creek during the springtime. A perfect place to finish raising my family and start my home grown sewing and knitting business. I’m tucked away in the spare room upstairs and not in the basement anymore. My sewing/knitting room is all mine and not a dumping ground for everyone else’s junk.

Spare Room

The new sewing/knitting office is just perfect in size and shape to accommodate my needs. 9 x 9′ room and closet 5 x 2′. My closet is compact with shelves for my various machines to be stored when not in use.

Sewing Table

The biggest and most used piece of furniture in my sewing room is the table where I will do all my work, so it had to be big to meet all my needs but also fit into the room without overwhelming the space. The new table had to be a versatile piece that met different functions from a desk for my computer to a cutting and drawing work station and a sewing table for my sewing and surging machines. When first dreaming up this table and its function I wanted it to have wheels, but when I saw my new room I quickly realized this would be too cumbersome to move around and the wheels would put the table top at an unusual height that would be difficult for me to sew at. The table top is bamboo kitchen counter top at (6 x 2.5′) which I have treated with a special oil and beeswax to maintain its health, this also keeps it smooth. To hold this table top up I went to Ikea and picked up two shelving units that are 30 x 30 inch with 4 shelves that hold containers for my yarn and fabric. These shelves are the only place where yarn and fabric are allowed to be for a stock pile free environment and keep my supplies in a manageable amount, so that I actually use the fabric and yarn instead of forgetting that I’d bought it.

Clutter free & Organized

My biggest aim in creating my new room was to be clutter free and organized so I didn’t feel like I was being pushed out of my room or over whelmed by too much hording fabric and yarn. I wanted to be able to use all of my fabric and yarn and then replenish it, a recycling of supplies. Basically a stress free environment for me.

Other Furniture

Book shelves, rolling notion trays towers and more. I picked out a comfortable, rolling, height adjustable chair that easily moves around on my wood floor. To hold all my books and binders I have a book and bakers shelf that holds and array of books baskets and binders. For additional storage I kept my bakers pie cupboard which I wasn’t willing to part with in the move. Here I keep an over flow of items.

Gillian’s New Home

Gillian made it across Canada in one piece with only a small hiccup of lost feet which the movers found for me. As you can see Gillian is very busy in her new home and she is getting ready to finish a jacket I started sewing too many years ago, looking great in a dress I just finished and trying on a new apron I’ll be selling in the summer.

These is still lots of work to do in my new sewing room but I’m quit pleased with my room so far. I’ll be changing light fixtures, a new coat of paint and curtains but all these thing take time. I will post when all is finished.

God Bless & Sew On

Question: What are you sewing now?

Thanks, Jennifer

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