72. Sewing Room Move

Right across the country

It is one thing to clean a sewing room but to move it is another whole adventure. A colossal task it seemed at first, but it has proven to be quite freeing as well. I feel more focused, and have a clearer path to my road.

From Calgary, Alberta to Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia

To be sure this has been the most difficult room in my house to take down but also the most revealing. It is truly amazing to find all the hidden treasures’ while cleaning and packing. I have found long lost pictures and letters from years ago, some have made me cry while others are bitter sweet. Saying good bye to mementos I have held onto for so long have brought release from the past. Over the years I have realized these things hold memories and that is all, memories that are good to look back on once then it is time to let go.

Only halfway done, but coming along with YMCA (Village People).

What I learn I’ll never do again in my sewing room

  • I will never stalk pile fabric again, I gave away way too much fabric, that I lost all interest in.
  • I will not turn this room into a dumping ground of useless items ever again, I’ll throw it out before it hits a surface.
  • Make no emotional attachments to inanimate objects again.

What will I keep from my from my sewing room and take with me.

  • Sewing notions/tools
  • Various rulers
  • Sewing machine
  • Serger
  • About 15% of fabric that I’ll work with
  • About 10% of patterns I’ll use
  • Valued books
  • Gillian my dress form
  • Beading tools
  • Beads
  • Stamps for handmade cards
  • Knitting needles & crochet hooks
  • Yarn (my best)

I’ll be leaving all my furniture from the sewing room and starting fresh in Tatamagouche. 

What have I been up to while packing up my sewing room?

Finishing sewing and knitting projects while I’ve been cleaning out my sewing room

  • Infinity scarf with snaps made from jersey fabric.
  • Sleeveless jersey top.
  • knitted sweater.
  • Irish dancing dress wall quilt.
  • knit two slouchy toques.
  • knit a infinity scarf.
  • Take the measurements from a corduroy child’s jacket to grade it to size for an older child.
  • tailored jacket womens

The Hardest Part so far

I wasn’t looking forward today. So far the most difficult job for me has been going through all my sewing class binders. All my class work took a lot of my time and I’m finding it very difficult o let go BUT!  It has also been freeing for me to let go because I know how to do these things. Out of 10 binders I’ve only kept a few because I thought they were important to keep. I have enough books as reference and if I forget how to do something, I can look it up. Right now I have to get up and walk away, it has suddenly become too difficult because I’m throwing away all my hard work and all my sewing examples. But I don’t need to keep them, everything I need to know is already in my mind, it’s there and I’m not letting go of my hard work because it is in me. For over ten years I never looked in these binders because I knew what to do and all my hard work paid off. Well it’s done, and I’m better for it. Now I just have to clean up my mess. Lol! An afternoons job done.

Modifications to the New Sewing Room

While cleaning out my sewing room I found way too many dead spiders and bugs I don’t know the names too. I will fix this problem by: 1. only buy notions that I’m going to use on a project, 2. only buy fabric I’m going to use on a project, 3. I will have two shelves (generous) in size but can only fit 5-7 projects at a time. 4. I cannot add to this shelf unless I have finished other projects.  I think I’ll have a cleaner (minimalistic) approach to my new sewing room. Try not to laugh! I’m aiming high. I just can’t have this horrid, pack-rat approach for a sewing room again. I was suffocating in this room. I am freeing myself. P.S. the project shelves will have project bins, that will fit an entire project (notions and fabric), one project per bin.

Preparing Gillian (dress form) for travel

As you can see I changed her pins for safety pins to keep the (black lines) in place for pattern drafting. Luckily her post (leg) comes off and I can put her in a box for safe keeping. We’ll see on the other end if this succeeds. Because there was no box found and I had to wrap her up here legs were taken off and at the other end in Tatamagouche Gillian lost her legs. It took a while but they were found and she is standing again. Here she is wearing a new apron. An apron I’m still working on.

Question: If you were able to design a new sewing room, how would you go about doing it? Would there be a budget or the sky is the limit?

God Bless & Keep Dreaming (Sewing)

Thank you, Jennifer P.S. new sewing room soon to be painted.

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