9th CK: The Two-hole Toque.

The Ever Popular toque with a Hole

Whether you call it a messy bun hat, scrunchy hole hat or as I call it the two-hole toque doesn’t seem to matter. This fabulous hat is very popular with women young and old. I haven’t seen a guy with one yet but I’m sure they’re out there. They were first brought to my attention when one of my friends in a CK class suggested them for a project.


Toque: A very French-Canadian word.

Growing up in Ontario just outside of Ottawa, I never heard the word winter hat, ever! All I ever heard was “get your toque on, it’s cold out today”. As a child/teen I watched the hilariously popular group (Bob and Doug Mckenzie) make this word a Canadian house hold name.

bob and doug

A bit of History

The Canadian-English term toque was taken from the Canadian-French word tuque. There hats were also called the French Voyageur cap. In 1870 the word toque started showing in up writing in Canada. Many French fur traders who came to the New World seeking adventure brought with them their own unique culture and mixed with the First Nations. Many of these young men would never make it back to France and they married the women from the First Nations, creating a brand new cultural group called the Métis.  These French fur traders had warm woollen nightcaps to keep them warm on cold winter days. Other Nationalities call these hats by different names; such as, beanie, stocking cap and watch cap;but, to me these voyageurs caps look like the original slouchy.


If your interested in knitting a traditional voyageurs cap. Here is a pattern I found on-line called the Voyageur Cap (Pattern 2).

Click to access Voyageur_Cap_circular_needles.pdf

If you’d like to checkout my (The Two-hole Toque) pattern (the brown toque), you can find me on Ravelry under Canadianaknits or Jennifer K. Hanrahan. (free pattern)


Questions: Do you Knit? And do you want to learn?

God Bless & Knit On








2 thoughts on “9th CK: The Two-hole Toque.

    • I know how you feel. I see this all the time in my knitting class and what I tell them is on purposefully make it looser, it seems a funny thing to say but it seems to help them, I think their afraid to drop stitches that they over compensate and make it too tight. Good luck anyway.


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