8. CK: Crochet a Basket for my Yarn Stash

My Practice Basket

A Small Start

This basket only holds three skeins of yarn but it is a great start.

About a year ago I started to see an over flow of yarn in my living room and decided I needed to tidy up a bit. I went basket shopping and wasn’t happy with the selection. Then I started to find knitted and crocheted baskets on Pinterest and this is my first basket and I’m very happy with the results and now that I have the basics, I’ll be able to create bigger baskets for more yarn. I’m not sure if I’m creating, order in my house or just more room for yarn?

I found the pattern through Pinterest that lead to Ravelry. The designer is Elisabeth Pardue, Chunky Basket. And this pattern is free. This is the same yarn I used for the boho style flip-flops.

  • I used this yarn, different from her suggestion: T-shirt, (5) Bulky, BERNAT Home Dec. Spice verigant.
  • Hook: 8 mm

Questions: Are you an avid basket maker? Is this how you organize your yarn? Do you knit or crochet them?

God Bless & Crochet On

Thank you






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