4th CK: Knitting my First knit-Along Afghan, by Cascade Yarn.

Knitterati Afghan Block 1

Knit A-Long Afghan

In 2017 Cascade Yarn celebrated its 30th Anniversary and they partnered with Vogue Knitting by creating a beautiful afghan called Knitterati. Every month throughout last year Cascade released two new block patterns through Ravelry, totaling 30 different blocks by different designers. I started this afghan early 2017 at the request by a woman who came to visit me at Café Knitting. By the way this is my first attempt at an afghan and so far my first block is 2 inches too big and that’s ok with me.

The Yarn I used:

Kniteratti yarn

I didn’t use the yarn that was suggested by Cascade yarn due to its price point; so, my knitting class asked for another yarn suggestion. I found this Bernat Satin yarn in Wal-Mart at $4.95 per cake.  Much to my surprise the Bernat colours were the same combination as the Cascade yarn colours that I liked.

Yarn Colours and cake amounts needed: These are the amounts I have so far, I would like to get another grey and lavender to finish up the amounts needed. I need 5 more cakes to finish the suggested yarn amount from Cascade, in total I need 23 cakes to finish the afghan.

These are my colours:

  1. Teal: 5
  2. Aqua: 4
  3. Grey mist heather: 3
  4. Fern: 3
  5. Lavender: 3

What needles and yarn I used compared to Cascade: 

Needles: 4 mm straight and double-pointed.

Yarn: Medium (4), 200 yds/182 m, Bernet Silk.

Gauge: 9 sts x 11 rows by 2 inch square.

Cascade Yarn and needle suggestion:

Yarn: weight (3) DK light worsted, 200m/220 yds, Cascade yarn 220 Superwash.

Needles: Cascade uses a combination of 4 mm/4.5 mm, straight and double-pointed.

Gauge: their gauge changes from square to square because of different needle sizes but the first square is 10 x 10 inch square.

1944 – Westpoint Blue Heather (4 balls)
1910 – Summer Sky Heather (6 balls)
1946 – Silver Grey (5 balls)
0905 – Celery (5 balls)
1949 – Lavender (3 balls)


Cascade Yarn Knitterati


I really fell in love with the colour combination and was very pleased when I found very similar colours from Bernat Silk.

You can get the blocks from Ravelry for $1 that goes to charity, whether you can get the free code for the Knitterati afghan or not you’d have to contact Cascade but if your interested in another Cascade afghan for 2018 you can sign up for their Gradient Lapghan that also supports charity, I am.

New 2018 Cascade Gradient Lapghan

Link to Gradient Lapghan: Cascade Knitterati Knit-Along Gradient Lapghan.


You need to sign up on the Cascade website and you’ll receive the codes and blocks monthly.

Come and checkout my FB group Knit-Along Afghan and see my progress and all the blocks for the Knitterati afghan. Good luck on your afghan adventures.

Question: Are you and experienced afghan knitter or are you like me, a beginner in afghan knitting/crocheting?

God Bless & Afghan-Along

Thank you









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