50. Moments of Stitches in time &(memories we hold dearly)

Stitching your way through life…

pictures 9.jpg

Can be an adventure! Do you remember your grandmothers or your mothers sewing/mending basket and do you have one yourself?

These stitches are like moments in time. Like all the stitches in our life they are passed down from generation to generation like memories given to us from great-grand mothers to grand mothers then our mothers teach who us at their mothers machine; stitches from straight to zig-zag, we find our life’s threads emerging as we stitch. How many lesson did we learn along the way that seemed to slip past us far too quickly. Only to be remembered long past its lesson. How often do we pack these stitches away in band boxes or old trunks that gather dust in an attack. These lessons in stitches are often rediscovered and new ones found again from long past generation when some has passed on.

Decorating your favorite Jeans

When the side seam of your favorite Levis jeans start to wear thin, then drastic measures are needed, right! First I had a bit of repair work to do before I started to embroider a heart and star. This is the first time I’ve ever tried to decorate my jeans like this and I’m pleased with the heart but I had to take apart the star a couple of times before I was ok with it.

Every stitch is a memory

Every time I start a new project I spend time sitting down at my Janome and I start the process of practicing a stitch on a new snippet of fabric. Isn’t it funny how when you pick up a piece of work you can remember so much about the time that surrounded you when you first started working on the project but never the project its self. Were you in the throes of babyhood or was there turmoil disrupting your calm, were you fighting with a teen or a teenager yourself trying to navigate those years the best you could, or were you standing sentinel beside a parent as they made their last journey before passing on. The memories are numerous and they’re windows to our past be them good or bad.

My Wedding Quilt


Garden lattice: My mother quilted this beautiful quilt for my wedding present, it is queen size and looks beautiful on my bed in the summer. Thanks mom, I love you.

My Quilting Adventures

The left is my first quarter wall quilt made in class, the next is a baby quilt I made up for my second son and last is just the beginning of the hut on Noah’s Ark which I was put down long ago, I think this summer I’ll finish it.

When I was visiting my parents a couple of years ago, my mother was going through her things and I snagged this beautiful practice square for her own king size quilt, I’m going to sew a border on to it in purple and hang it on my wall. For my curtains, I never did the decorative stitch and at the time I thought it would be too much but now I have to take the curtain down to fix the sun damage middle sections that are exposed the most. Now I like the decorative stitch, time can change your mind sometimes.

What I liked about these two small wall quilts was all the hand stitching I did. It’s not fancy just simple.

Celtic Love Knot

This beautiful celtic love knot represents the never-ending love in my marriage, going 18 years and still strong.


This was a challenging quilt for me because I had never sewn a celtic knot before but you wouldn’t believe how easy it sewed up. The tips were finicky but not bad and all I had to do was pin down the strips and as I sewed the knot literally laid down flat as I sewed (perfectly), it was amazing and here I thought it would be so difficult.

A Bit of Hand Stitching


This sash I made for my eldest sons Baptism, First Communion and now I have to sew a few more things on to the sash, now that he has been confirmed into the Catholic church. Any Ideas for First Reconciliation? I have to say I’m proud of the hand stitching, not because I think I did a fantastic job but because I had such little time available with a small baby and sleep was none existent. Now I have to make one for my second son, where does the time fly to and he’s already 10.

Lessons from Mom

My mother first lesson: She always reminded me to take time reading all my instructions and not to jump ahead before I was ready and so I find myself approaching all life’s little and big adventures in the same way.

I was told by my aunty Fran that my Great Grand mother Gorham was so good at sewing that she could buy fabric at the beginning of the day (without) a pattern and have a finished garment at the end of the day to be worn out that evening, this woman was a true sewing Ninja with a capital (N). I have many more stitches to sew before I even come close to my Great Grandma Gorham and only then will I truly be an accomplished seamstress in my eyes. This level of experience is what I truly aspire to and every time I embark on a new project I come a little closer to my goal.

God Bless and Sew On



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