3rd CK: Knitting (The Slouchy & two-hole Toque)

Fun & Easy Toques to Knit Up

When my knitting class asked me to find an easy messy bun hat, I thought great! At the same time I was knitting this slouchy up using this delicious Juniper Moon Farm Moonshine (blue) yarn I fell in love with at my local yarn store.

The messy bun or as I call it the two-hole toque I knitted with Berroco Vintage (brown).

Both toques are hugely popular with my class and as we finish up the winter a new toque will keep another head stylishly warm. You’ll notice below I used a purple yarn but alas it wasn’t a wool mix, only man-made fiber and though it looks and feels great it  doesn’t keep my head warm.

The Joys of Knitting

The knitters of the world are lucky to enjoy a beautiful craft but also we’re able to share our skills with friends and family. You can often find a knitter with yarn and needles in tow everywhere you go. Often people stop me young or old & male or female, they have to comment on the pattern or the yarn I’m using and I’m often graced with their yarn story. Whether you use natural fibers or man-made ones and even a combination of the both. It doesn’t matter: because, it’s your time and skill that is knitted or crocheted into the project that counts and the love that is passed on.

God Bless & Knit On

If you’ve never knitted and are wanting to try the needles out, I strongly encourage you to get to your local yarn store and take a few classes, once you learn the basics it is easier from there on and you’ll gain new & lasting friendships. Good Luck!

Thanks for reading my CK post on SewingbytheYard.com






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