48. Another Cape for my Boy

The Cape #3 or #4

cape 1Who can resist a silly sewing day?

Not me!

Often my youngest son and I collaborate in the sewing room or rather he instructs me on what to do. What ever the case I’m glad he has the sewing bug.

Recently I made a trip to the fabric store to pick up some backing and quilting baton for a project I’m sewing for a friend and of course my son came along. The minute we entered the store he disappeared only to reappear later with a bolt of red, mixed polyester blended fabric in his arms. He looked at me and declared it was for yet another cape. I think this is the third or fourth cape I’ve sewn for him and that doesn’t include all the capes he’s had passed down from his older brother.

Who can resist a cape, not me! For my wedding I sewed a beautiful dark, blue, velvet cape with light blue lining and faux feathers sewn around the hood opening. As you can tell the fascination with capes run in the family. This particular cape was inspired from Star Wars, and not the good guys. My son has a soft spot for the bad guys, hens the RED cape!


It was a great weekend project that only took me about an hour to finish and he’s worn it ever since and even takes it to bed.

Let me know what off the cuff sewing projects you’ve done for yourself or family/friends?

God Bless & Sew On

Thanks for reading my sewing blog.


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