9. Sewing My Wedding Dress.

Wear Blue & he’ll always be True

That’s what everyone said to me when they found out I was sewing a blue dress for my wedding.


This is my favorite photo of my Wedding day

There is a lovely picture that my father took of me when I sat at my mothers sewing machine while I sewed my wedding dress, It reminds me of how young I really was and how grown up I felt at the time. I’ll have to dig through some boxes but hopefully I will find it.
I wasn’t much impressed with the white wedding dresses at the time or for that matter the traditional wedding dress at all. When I look back on my important clothing decisions when growing up I often diverted from the norm in some way or other.  Well, when it came to choose a wedding dress it was no wonder I found myself on the phone with my mom asking her if she’d like to help me with it, of course the answer was a resounding yes!

Why I chose this dress design

During this time in my life I was in England and in Jane Austen territory, I visited Bath and read all the Jane Austen novels. I was very taken with their dresses and decided early on that this was to be my model for a wedding dress. I had a cape, gloves, over dress & the empire waist and I have to say I loved my dress. The only piece that wasn’t true to the period was the modern style shrug but it was February 5th and even though a very good day for that time of year, there was still a damp chill in the air. I thought it quite sensible to be wearing a shrug. A word on the colour of my dress, in the beginning I was looking for a blue but paler and more a corn flower blue. Of course, when entering into the wedding fabric store with my mother in Ottawa all I could find was this royal blue. This colour was settled upon quite quickly when we saw it on the bolt and it just fit perfectly with the pattern. Oddly enough this colour I have never used before with sewing or knitting, it is my wedding colour.

First my mother and I started pattern hunting.

  1. Main dress pattern is from Vogue Easy Options, dress A, pattern number 2144 & size 8. I extended the dress to reach the ground.
  2. The over dress was from McCalls Evening Elegance 2035, dress B and size 8.
  3. McCalls shrug 2241, size 8 and I lined it because the pattern didn’t have one and I thought it would look better with a lining.
  4. The cape from Butterick (fast and easy) 3084,  and yes I lined the cape as well. Cape (C) size 8.
  5. Kwik Sew gloves (2326) were so fun to whip up, size small and I had to alter them for my right hand. This was a fun challenge because I have a unique little hand. Lastly I made the length of the glove only go up a third of my arm.

Time to Sew

The fabric I chose for my wedding ensemble:

  • Velvet for the cape with a polyester lining.
  • Taffeta for the main dress and poly lining, which the pattern didn’t call for.
  • Velour with a nap pattern for the gloves and shrug, I lined the shrug with the same lining that I used for the dress and cape.
  • Silk organza for the over dress and let me say a very challenging fabric to work with.

A few Alterations needed:

I didn’t have to make too many alteration to the dress and only to the main dress. The alteration that I did make were jus to the neckline of the bodice. And of course my mother showed me what to do when taking in extra ease at the neckline.

The Wedding Dress

Traditional Pictures Taken

I’ve had a great time going down memory lane and I it was wonderful looking at all our wedding photos. A little about where we were married; because, my husband is British we had our first and legal marriage at the register’s office in Morden, Surry, UK. In an old estate park called Morden Hall park, which was a snuff mill in its heyday but now is a wonderfully large park that the locals use frequently and is part of the National Trust. We then had our faith marriage back home in Canada and I had the pleasure of wearing my wedding dress again, then later on my husband and I fulfilled our marriage Sacrament when I entered in to the Catholic church.  On this last occasion I didn’t wear my wedding dress due to babies.

Did you make your wedding dress? and did your mother help you?

God Bless & Sew on




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