39. The Sewing Room Make Over, YES!!

My Basement Sewing Room

This is the set up of my sewing room, less messy at the moment.

My sewing table is under the window for natural light, to the right is my cutting table with storage underneath. and to the left is my computer desk with shelves also a metal shelving unit for more storage. The great thing about my sewing room is it’s cool in the summer but a tad bit too cold in the winter even with a portable heater and a warm wool sweater.

What you really need in a functioning sewing room or sewing space: Depending on what is available in your house/apartment. When making these plans remember to ask your self these questions: How will I do this? Plan ahead, be smart in money management and save.

Wish list: Dream big! Before reality kicks in.

  • Sewing/serger machine table
  • Sewing table
  • Dress form, ideally a (Wolfe)
  • Cork board for your design ideas
  • Sewing machine & serger
  • Dresser and shelves for storage

Add your ideas to this list.

Sewing/Serger Table

Thing to consider when shopping for a sewing/serger table are: price point, size and versatility. I personally would love a table that my sewing machine could drop down into, then I could bring out the serger when I needed it. Right now my serger is on a shelf. I’d also like a table big enough so fabric wouldn’t fall off the end or back of the table, (I really should clean off my table). A friend once mentioned to me that her tiny apartment had no room for sewing, so I’ve picked out a small table that a machine drops down into and a table leaf can fold down or up.

Cutting table

A lot of seamstress used their dinning tables for cutting and sewing. In fact I cut out my wedding dress on my mothers dinning room table.

The top left table is great because you can wheel it around, the side go up and down and there are drawers. The bottom left table can tuck into a corner and it accommodates a sewing machine with storage. Now the table to the right is my dream table, nice big flat surface to work with, lots of storage and you can walk around three sides and it’s from Ikea. You don’t have to buy new, check out the second-hand shops and get creative.

Big Sewing Room Layout

Here are some sewing room layout ideas, so start with what you have to work with and then go from there. What I like most about these room is the storage, apart from them being big enough to have a lounge chair and covered stool. A girl can dream big can’t she?

Small Sewing Room Areas

Here are some great ideas for making a small space your sewing area.

Places to find the right deals for sewing room furniture are second-hand stores, garage sales, friends, family and your own home. In the past I’ve used diaper boxes for magazines holders, trestles for a table top, plastics storage units, tins and what ever I could find around the house. I reused a lot of object to make my sewing room and rescued some thing from going in the dump. Get creative and the sky will not be your limit.

Let me know what your sewing room looks like and do you have a dream list for yourself?

Good luck and God Bless,



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