37. My sister’s scarf (Infinity Drape Scarf with Snaps)


I call this ( In my Sister’s Closet) scarf



On a recent trip to help my mother and father out, my sister showed me her favorite infinity drape scarf. I instantly loved the colour and snaps that were used to open or close the scarf depending on the look you wanted.

The original (Rulu) a fabric used for my sister’s scarf is from India. I would have to purchase a large amount. Needless to say this fabric was not attainable for me and I couldn’t find it at my local Fabricland. So, I decided to try a strip jersey & a striped heather knit. I have enough fabric to make two scarfs, one scarf for my sister and one for myself.

Since then I’ve found a Canadian Company that sells fabric that is very similar and I shall be checking out prices and how many minimum meters I can buy or getting a fabric swatch might be something I could look into.

  • I’m keeping track of my hour.
  • Finished cutting out the scarf.

The jersey/knit is interesting to align with each other, but I have a little test to make sure that the fabric it isn’t off too much kilter. The test was draping the two pieces of fabric over a broom stick together, which would let the fabric fall naturally. I had to use a carpenter’s square ruler to aline/square the short ends and that also meant that I had to cut across the fabrics designs lines. The fabric is a bit wonky and even with all of my fiddling to keep the lines as straight as possible I was still an inch off at the short ends, but will that really matter? In the end my sister will still love the scarf.

  •  Showing my wonky ends. The stripes give the elision that my ends a crooked but as you can see the carpenter’s square shows differently.
  • I’m using a Shmetz 75/11 stretch needle and #17 stretch stitch on my machine for the long ends. Both long ends are now sewn and I’ll turn the fabric to top stitch these end down with a twin stretch (lasse) 75/11 needle. This twin needle will lay my fabric flat and finish it nicely. Then on to the ends and the snaps.

SNAPS: Well the snaps have presented a tiny problem! None of my machine sewing feet will be able to pass by the snaps on the sew on snap ribbon. So I moved the needle over to the left and thought the invisible zipper would work and sew past the snaps, no! So I looked on-line and I’ve found nothing as of yet. So I’m sewing rouge with no foot and it’s not too bad. My thread balance is good and even the stitch length is even. It’s still a tight fit around the snap but its working. I’m sure there must be a foot out there that would do this job perfectly!

Rouge sewing: without a foot. As you can see in these two pictures, there is no foot attached to my machine and so far so good. But on closer inspection the stitches are uneven and all over the place, so I spent the afternoon with a seam ripper.


In this picture you can see how difficult it is and I even basted the snap ribbon on to eliminate the pins.

Question: Does anyone know of a machine foot that would do this job? I have a Janome memory craft 4800.

I’ll check out the Janome website, continue checking out the web and call my local (Sewing World) store.

Well I’m not really that impressed with the no foot job and the small space to sew in makes the stitch job crooked.  I think I’m going to have to leave this till I find a better solution. Until next time. I went back and tried the zipper foot and moved the needle to the left but it doesn’t hold down the material and the feed dogs couldn’t get a good grip to push fabric through and this created a messy stitch. I decided to look on-line for a foot that would handle the snap tape and I found the (super slim zipper foot). I am going to have to make a trip to Sewing World and see if I can buy this foot. until I find a foot that can go around the snaps on the snap tape I’ll just have to finish the cutting out of the second scarf, sew up the long side and baste the snap tape to the short ends of the scarf.

Zipper foot

Zipper Foot

On my next trip to Sewing World I found the right foot for the job, a (zipper foot). The zipper foot was a Janome. Even though this all worked out for me I still ran into a snag that became obvious when I tested all the snaps and found myself one snap too many.


scarf 5

One too many snaps!! Ops!!

I could have construed this as a failure or an opportunity to see the advantage in the Ops! mistake and view the extra snap as a openning to hang my scarf up when not in use!

No matter how I look at this, in the end its my scarf and when I make my sisters the extra snap will be dealt with, and no one will see my extra snap but me!


Tell me about your funny mistakes that turned out for the best.

Despite the mistakes and all the issues I had making this drape, snap scarf that my sister will love. The over all look is great especially for summer. I’ll be able to use it as an infinity scarf or undo the snaps and voilà a shawl. The options are only limited to your imagination. Have a great summer.

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