37. Crocheting Ninja Turtles.

I just need to add the mouths to these little dudes.


Ninja Turtle Yarn


It has been many years since I sojourned into the land of crocheting, I stick mostly to knitting. This all changed a few weeks ago when a friend asked me to crochet her little boy the Ninja Turtles and how could I say no! Well I had forgotten how much fun crocheting could be and my friend and I found the perfect yarn at Michaels. This yarn is not only soft but fantastically affordable so affordable that It felt like I’m steel ing it.

Choosing the yarn was easy, all I did was walked into Michaels and there it was, beautiful and soft. It simple yelled Ninja Turtle and each cake was $1.99 ea. (82 m-90 yds.) by Loops & Threads. made for spring.

Yarn & Hooks

Yarn:Loops & Thread, (82 m-90 yds) at $1.99 ea. Canadian.

Body- 1 golden/yellow cake.

Head, arms & legs-4 balls of green of your choice.

Belt & Mask-1 ball in each colour of red, blue, orange & purple.

Shell-1 darker green.

10 balls total.

Hooks: G/6-4.25 mm, H/8-5.00 mm & J/10-6.00 mm

Ninja Belts & Coffee

My friend originally asked me to do this for her but since I was already teaching her to knit I knew that she’d really appreciate making these for her son, so I persisted and she is now taking the lead with the project while all I’m doing is teaching her. 

These are the pattern NT’s

The Ninja Turtles:

  1. Mikey-orange-Michelangelo
  2. Donny-purple-Donatello
  3. Leo-blue-Leonardo
  4. Ralph-red-Raphael

Front and Back

This is what our NT’s look like


I added black buttons’ for eyes and brass buttons for the belts.

Step by Step:

First I made the belts, masks and head, followed by the arms, legs and shell.

This yarn is so soft, I just love it & the colours are vibrant.

Arms & Legs


The magic circle, increase SC and decrease SC. I had to relearn and learn new tricks for this crocheting project. The magic circle I had to practice all morning just to get it down, but once I got my hands used to the different positions, it became second nature. So I learned be patient and the rewards are great. Now my first son wants NT’s as well.

Original pattern found on Ravelry and here is the link


By: Mie Dehn

Pattern: (Ninja Turtle)


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