13c. The Wrap of it! (Now it’s time to Sew it up).

The Sewing is on

Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve done something wrong even though you were scrupulous about everything up until this moment.


Ready to sew.

Well I had that feeling when I was removing the pins from the pattern for the second front and I just felt a nagging tug on the sewing nerve, well only time will tell. I’m setting up for sewing tonight and will dive into  it tomorrow after mothers group. Incidentally these women are the most amazing friends I’ve ever had who are definitely not afraid to tell me the truth.

I’m also cutting out the back lining/built-in slip. This lining will act like a buffer for movement from behind, which is always good.

All pins are out and I’m preparing to sew. I’ll start with the neck line first, sewing stay stitches and reinforce the shoulders. Sometimes I want to jump ahead, going too quickly and note take the time necessary to finish a garment properly. But I find it’s all the little things that make a garment look great, and something you just love to wear! So, as my mom would say take your time, step by step. A bit like life I’d say!

Now, shall we carry on? As I set about my stay-stitching I realized I had to deal with my sew-in slip. I’ll be putting in a hem before I fix it to the inside-back of the dress. This slip hem. Thank goodness I took the time to write this sentence down because it seems for ever since I was able to tackle this sewing project but I’ve gotten caught up with the knitting side of my life and I thought today was a great day to start sewing again. the first order of business is tidying up the sewing room.

  1. I’ll be using a microfiber needle for the lining hem.
  2. I’ve pinned the hem to some rip (very carefully) away paper to help stabilize the stitches.
  3. I am going to baste the lining to the back of the dress before I sew front and back together.
  4. I’ve bought some clear stretchy binding for the shoulders.

It was a bit tricky sewing the hem on the lining because there was no room for movement for the stretch but I adjusted as I went and manipulated as best I could. I was not pleased with the end result, basically there was no stretch with this hem. I’ll cut and redo the hem and work the stretch as I’m sewing. I wish I had listened to my voice in my head because I knew what needed to be done. I successfully hemmed the lining today using the stretch stitch on my machine and the stretch needle (75/11) and of course it worked out well, meaning I’m happy it stretches and lays flat. DONE! next time listen to yourself.

As you can see the lining is a see through stretch and definitely a challenge to work with.

I have had to prep Gillian for the fitting of the wrap dress.  I was not willing to remove my grain lines  from Gillian that I use for my draping class fashion courses, so while rummaging through my sewing room I found some safety pins I used for a quilting class I took when my children were young. Who would have known they’d come in so hand now.

Chores I’d like to finish this week with my wrap dress.

  • Hem the lining.
  • Hand baste the lining wrong sides facing each other, to the back of the dress.
  • Prep Gillian with the quilting safety pins, so I can keep my grain lines.
  • Sew binding over seam line on the back, wrong side using a baste stitch.

Keep both your and the flat pattern measurements: Of course for prosperity.

Flat Pattern                                                                                      Me

Bust: Front, (19) + Back, (16) = (35) inches.                          36 inches.

Waist: Front, (16 3/4) + Back, (13 1/2) = (30 1/4) inches.    30 inches.

Hip: Front, (20 5/8) + Back, (18 1/4) = (39 1/2) inches.       40 inches.

So, as you can see I’d have to do a bit of altering for this pattern, and even though the discrepancy is slight Id have to adjust if I was working with a no stretch fabric. But since this is a stretchy fabric with the required amount of ease according to the instruction on the back of the pattern sleeve. I have decided to give myself a one inch seam allowance down the side seams to play with, mind you I have not lost the integrity of my arm hole. definitely will not be playing with that.

The chores I was able to accomplish this very short school week (3 days) before the long weekend.

  • Baste shoulder with binding, and I used transparent slightly stretch binding.
  • Reinforce fronts; left & right through collar & shoulder edges.

This will have to wait till next week.

  • Stitch front sections together at back.
  • work on the neck facings.

Well I got on farther than I thought I would. But life has away of interrupting my sewing time. Until next Blog.

I am tidying up my sewing space right now while I’m waiting for some pictures to down load on to WordPress, so I can get down to the business of sewing next week.

Just in case you’ve forgotten this is the pattern I’m working on. I’m sewing dress “B” but with short/cap sleeves, instead of the long. I can’t wait till it’s done!!!!

wrap dress pattern

Pink dress, M7186 McCall’s

Happy sewing everyone.

Question: What is your favorite sewing room notion? I have to admit mine is a LD head lamp, this way the light shines exactly where I’m looking and my hands don’t create a shadow.

Lessons I learned this week. Listen to yourself, it’s worth your time.

Sorry the downloads are not happening I will publish them next week.




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