29. A Wizards Robe & a Boy.

My son and his Wizards imagination

With the right combination of ingredients my son and I will make a wizards robe: First a big, very big splash of imagination, the softest fleece with a great and colourful pattern, but most importantly a great kid.


The perfect fabric for a wizards robe, according to my son

My youngest son has a very big imagination. On this sewing adventure he informed me that he wanted me to work on a robe. So we both took a trip to fabricland, where we browsed the fleece section. We came across many different patterns but this cat and poke-a-dot ensemble was the best and undoubtably the softest of the lot.

Pattern Grading on my basement floor

The first thing I had to do was create a pattern from a size three sloper. Now all of my alterations with the grading went very well except the hood. I found that when I started pinning the hood to the neck, the neck and hood edges just barely came together, and even though I had added a seam allowance I still would be unable to make a hem around the hood edges for a finished edge. Now I started this sewing project before Christmas and had to put a temporary yellow binding around the neck so my son wouldn’t stretch it out over the holidays while he wore it.

Temporary neck binding


Actually the yellow binding looks good, but my son wanted his hood.

Making the hood

It was a fun day for me in my sewing room. My first job was to remove the temporary neck binding. Then I had to add a 4 inch hem to the hood, one that I could fold over to show the poke-a-dots up against the cats. This was really fun fabric to play with. Then I made a pouch so he could carry all his treasures around with him.

A Wizard in his Robe


My son wears this robe all the time and everywhere.

Have you had the great pleasure lately to make something for a special person?

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