28. The Sewing Ninja!!!

How does one become a Sewing Ninja?

This whole topic came about when my cousin, called me a sewing ninja. A comment she made on a recent blog post of mine and it made me laugh because I didn’t realize there was such a person. It got me thinking and this is what I came up with.

First I think it happens over time to those whole boldly go where others won’t. We say things like; Sure, I can do that! even though we’ve never laid eyes on it before, or “this will be easy and don’t worry, I’ll fix that up in a jiffy.  

A sewing ninja is often found with seam ripper in hand, a pencil in her hair, measuring tape draped around the neck, a project across the lap and a quizzical look upon her face. True to form we tackle anything that comes our way with confidence in, an out come and often we are pleased (most of the time) with the final results, but are always ready with a seam ripper in hand if satisfaction is not met. 

Over time, a sewing ninja is born through long hours, many projects and a blind faith that all can be repaired, sewn or altered. No project is too big or too small, it just is and will be tackled and made to be used another day.

I don’t know if this is every sewing ninjas experience, we all walk our own roads tackling many projects along the way. We are relied upon in all circumstances and nothing is beyond our ability. Our sewing/mending basket is a mountain we’re always climbing and we never seem to reach the peak of it and often when we are long gone our sewing room is redistributed to those willing to take on the sewing ninja mantel. 

So I’d like to say thank you to all of those sewing ninjas who have inspired me over the years and a special thank you to fellow sewing ninja my cousin Aprille. Heee! Yaaa!! = sewing ninja move.

Now! I really need to get back to my wrap dress before it gets too close to the mending basket.

My sewing ninja mantra: A sewing ninja is always at the ready and can make do with anything.

What is your sewing ninja mantra?

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