24. Playing dress-up.

Playing dress-up with my son

My son’s Princess dress design

This past week I spend sometime working on the wrap dress but as the weekend came around my son was insistent that we work on his Princess costume design he made for me to wear for Halloween. I set aside Sunday afternoon for my little designer and I to sit down and discussed his plans. We first started with the veil and crown. 


Princess costume.

Then he showed me how the whole ensemble would look like by draping the fabric on Gillian my dress form. This ensemble consists of a skirt, top, crown with vail and cape. Many alteration were made throughout the afternoon until my son was happy with his creation. I really enjoyed playing dress up with my son and the whole process didn’t last more than a couple of hours, but alas with all fun times they end far too quickly. I think it’s moments like this that I enjoy the most in life and keep close to my heart.

Take time today and remember those moments with your little people or those moments you shared with your mentor, those moments always help us through difficult times reminding us of things that get lost in the shuffle of life.

This blog is short but definitely sweet, have a great Halloween everyone young or old. And don’t forget to take time to dress up.

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