23. Hallaween Costumes & my boys: A trip down memory lane.

Over the years I’ve made some fun Halloween costumes for my kids and since the holiday is just around the corner I decided to take a break this Sunday from sewing my wrap dress to show you my favorite Halloween costumes my kids have asked me to make for them.

  1.  Pumpkin
  2. The grim reapers
  3. Voldemort, a green cape
  4. Ghost
  5. Harry Potter Hats and wands.
  6. Wolf Jacket

It’s been a fun day playing with the kids as we rediscovered old Halloween costumes. By late afternoon the costume rummaging it turned into dress up even for the 13-year-old. There is nothing better than digging up old costumes from all corners of the house whether they still fit or not. to get kids into the Holiday Halloween mood!!! And this year my eldest boy who is taking sewing in grade 8 has informed me that I need not sew up his costume, sad but true. I did a lot of repairing of costumes today and my youngest son is going to, as he calls it (Transmography) me. It seems that I am to be a Princess.

A little about the costumes; well I’ve never had the pleasure of making a princess costume, but I’ve had plenty of practice making black robes. When making the Harry Potter costumes I found spurtle/spirtle from Lee Valley Tools that made the perfect wands. The pumpkin costume was made for my youngest son when he was two years, the skull material was made into a tunic for one of many grim reaper costumes and as you can see rubber boots look great with the robe.  My youngest son had fun dressing up Gillian as well he is designing a princess costume for me. I took one last look for the green cape and found it under a pile of toys.

I took one last look for the green cape and found it under a pile of toys. The fun didn’t stop yesterday, my youngest was dressing Gillian up in his own design for a princess dress for me, death/grim reaper even paid me a visit requesting some repair work on his robe and my eldest is designing his own costume this year and will sew it up himself. Time fly’s by when you’re having fun. I can’t believe how many costumes I have made over the years and this is only a small selection. We are missing the numerous knights, spider and so much more. Here are a few more pictures from this morning of my youngest dressing up in the green cape and as Inspector pumpkin.

I hope these costumes will inspire you to dig through your mountain of scrap fabric and come up with a great costume, my kids were always a part of this process whichmade it more fun for me.  Good luck!



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