17. My Bodice Sloper-Side Dart with Back Neck Dart. (From Scratch)


Finally done from scratch, the bodice sloper (side dart with back neck dart). From this sloper I’ll be able to design what I want. I’m so excited!! and the first project will be the little black dress. I’ll also work on a drawing to get an idea of what I’d like to see in this dress.

But first I’ll show you a little comparison from a sloper I made more than 10 years ago in a fitting class I took at Chinook College, Calgary. I think the class was called (Discover the Perfect fit). In this class we used a specific pattern from Butterick 5746 (Your Personal Fitting Pattern). from this pattern we did a fitted bodice with sleeve and a straight skirt sloper. You’ll notice this is pre-children. I’ve fared not to bad, but things do change. The muslin I used was a medium type, easily manipulated but sturdy enough so you’ll not loose the shape. Basiclly good to work with.


These muslin slopers (front & back) first start of as rectangles, then I use my measurements to pin the muslin on to Gillian my dress form. This is what they look like once I cut them out.

Once I have these muslin slopers done. I then transfer the sloper to paper. You can see the truing that I’ve done before I transfer to Oaktag.


The final stage is transferring paper sloper to Oaktag (poster board). I found poster board with a grid on it, which I found valuable with squaring off.

The only thing I have left to do is notch the arm holes front and back and notch the dart legs, also use a hole puncher called the rabbit ears in the industry, basically it’s a large hole puncher. This hole is about an inch in diameter, big enough to put a hook through so I can hang up to keep the sloper safe from damage.

A blast from the past

This is not the first time I have made a sloper. The only difference is that I used a pattern from Butterick (5746) Your personal fitting pattern. This class was called Discover the perfect fit in 2003. The teacher was excellent and she went over each detail with a fine tooth comb.

Here are a few pictures that show the difference between the two slopers.


You can see there is not a whole lot of difference in shape. The pattern creates a very respectable sloper that I’ve used over the years and even used as a reference for the new slopers that I created from my own measurements. This was made possible through my classes from The University of Fashion. This university has made it possible for me to continue my education at my own convenience and still remain a stay at home mother. This has been excellent for me.

The University Of Fashion:


I forgot to add sleeve Sloper! To find my notches for a sleeve I had to make a sleeve Sloper. Pictured below.

Having problems adding sleeve Sloper, will try tomorrow. Ok, it worked. Sometimes I find things don’t work when I’m on the ipad.








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