13. A Classic Wrap Dress that doesn’t Wrap! The traditional way.

As soon as I saw this fabric in Fabricland I knew what pattern it was going to be used for. McCall’s M7186. The fabric is a stretchy lycra/poly blend, a blue animal print. I’ve worked a bit with this type of material before, but I am still going to read up a bit before I make the first snip.

I received some great advice from a lady at fabricland who had sewn this pattern already. She advised me first to baste sides seams together. Then useing a curve ruler to merge different sizes together, also I’ll give myself a bit more seam allowance to work with. This will help me  adjust side seams to fit me. Gillian (my dress form) will come in handy when I am smoothing out the the side seams. Then of course, I’ll see how it fits on me.

Like most of us, our bodies are not as straight forward as patterns are. I’d say my bust line is smaller than my hip line; therefore, I’m going to have to draw in a new side seam after I transfer the pattern to paper and ease the two measurements together using a curve ruler.
This pattern has no zippers, so you pull it on like a snug shirt. The first wrap panel fits under from left to right then the top panel is vis versa, and this panel has a gather at the side.

I will be lining the back of the dress in a lighter but similar fabric but I have been debating whether I should line the two front panels or would this be too much? I think I would! that being said, I’m still unsure. Maybe after I read up a bit I’ll find my answer.

This week I will be adjusting the pattern sizes and checking my measurements in the next blog (step 1, of 13. A classic wrap dress). First I’ll transfer the pattern to plain paper, then I’ll show you how I adjust my measurements to the pattern. The paper I will be using, you can find at any medical store. Basically it’s the paper that Doctors use to cover that funny bed/table in their office.

If any of you have worked with this type of fabric, what can you say about it? I’ll be learning how to deal with it soon enough! Fun, always love a challenge.

That all being said! Lets get down to the business of sewing.



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