11. Soft Tailoring class and an unfinished Jacket.


This Jacket was started in a Soft tailoring class I took  in 2003 and I’m eager to finish it this year.

The pattern I used was Vogue 7606, and I had to grade down this pattern.

The pattern came from Vogue 7606, but unfortunately I picked up a size too big. At the same time I was reading an article about Grading a pattern up or down in Threads magazine (July 2002) issue unknown as of yet. With this article I was able to make the necessary changes to the size of my pattern. This method is called “Grading” and its a wonderful tool to have at one’s disposal.

I have found the perfect way to find something that I’ve lost is to start cleaning!

So in the pursuit of finding this elusive magazine that seems to have gone missing on me I discovered a few gems and a few other things that are unwanted in my sewing room, while cleaning up.  I was quit surprise to find a set of rulers that I’d forgotten about, dead bugs in my sewing stash drawer and a few patterns that I didn’t know I had been missing, and Yes! the article from the Threads magazine. But not the Threads issue! This magazine I have been looking for all this week, so when I came across the photo copy of the article I remembered that I had photo copied it, at some point and put the copy in my sewing examples binder to save the magazine from over use. Mind you, I’m starting to worry now, have I! Did I! throw this magazine out unintentionally?

The pink fabric with gold brocade is what I’m going to use to line this jacket. I found this great find in a second hand clothing store and I’ll have enough left over to line another jacket, that I found in the same store. But that’s another blog.

If you know the issue I’m referring to please let me know.

How to line a jacket correctly? also I’ll discuss how I graded my jacket pattern in another blog about soft tailoring this jacket.


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