12. Vintage Aprons made new.

I wear an apron every time I cook or when just puttsing about in the kitchen. I found this excellent apron book at my local book shop and couldn’t resist, the colours and style of patterns were so fun and the finished garment makes work in the kitchen fun.I always feel like I’m dressing up just to cook dinner or bake an apple pie.

You’ll notice the apple pie at the top. Yes! I love baking apple pies and eating them too. This particular pie was cooked; in a cast iron, dutch oven lid, while at a friends cottage and it turned out beautifully.

The author of this fabulous book is Nathalie Mornu: “A” Is for Aprons, and the apron I sewed up is called (Josephine).

In the book Nathalie made her apron double-sided but didn’t mix and match the tops and bottoms. Where she used the same fabric for both top flap and skirt bottom, I switched the tops and bottoms so that I could see both fabrics at the same time when I was wearing the apron.

The fabric I used was for another project but I felt that the fabric (quilting) wouldn’t stand up to the wear and tear that I intended for a yoga bag. So, I repurposed this fabric to the apron you now see. And I’m quite pleased with the results.

Is there an apron that you use in your kitchen? and does this apron inspire you to make on yourself? I’m definitely looking through the book again because it’s time to make a new apron for the kitchen.

I have more aprons in my kitchen, one more practical while the other was handed down from my mom.

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