10. My Sewing Room.


Usually my sewing room is very messy! that being said, I prefer to sew than clean. Ok this is a complete disaster. Much better! will happen this week, then I can get down to the business of sewing.

My sewing room has always been a refuge for me even when I was a child tucked away in the corner of my room with my mothers sewing machine which I acquired, much to my brother’s chagrin. There I imagined great thinks that I could make and for the most part I saw them come to be.

This week will be designated to cleaning my sewing room and after todays clean up i don’t think there’s much more to do except organization of this weeks sewing activities. Namely the little black dress and another dress I’ve been meaning to start and that’s not including the fabric I bought yesterday for another dress. so many things to sew and so little time.

Does a sewing room ever get fully cleaned before the next project? Na!



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