7. Draping my Dress Form.

In these pictures I show all three drapes from different angles and what Gillian (my dress forms name) looks like in the buff with the guidelines.

I’ve done three drapping classes so far and I have learned so much. I’m already bitting at the bit, to design a little black dress. Using jersy fabric, bias cut for bodice, cap sleeves and cowl neck line. but first I must do the sleeve class.

  1. Bodice Sloper
  2. Fitted Torso Sloper
  3. Side Bust Dart with Back Neck Dart sloper

When I did my first sloper I found I made it a bit tight and had to relax up a bit. Then I learned to work the darts so that I wasn’t pulling the drape ascue. Exact measurements are very important, so don’t be to hard on yourself, and as you can see my third drape is the best so far. I have many more drapes to do so I’m going to get real good at this.

I had a completely different mental picture in my mind before these classes, and I’ve learned so much. I can’t wait to apply all that I’ve learned from these classes to make a dress. Now the question is which design to use? I think maybe a simple shift dress with a cowl neck line and cap sleeves.

Have you’ve designed anything lately?

Check out University of fashion, in fact I have to spend some time tomorrow going through my emails from them, you can find them on FB and Instagram.


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