8. The Little Black Dress. Part 1: The Fabric and Book.

The little black dress! Where did it originate from? And what is it’s purpose and appeal? That is what I’m going to find out, along with designing a little black dress pattern from scratch!

The sketch of the proposed design. In the works

Cutting the bodice on the bias. going to have to practice on different material before I touch the black jersey.

What the pattern looks like. haven’t got there yet!

The book I’ll be referring to for this project is a Third Edition (Pattern Making for fashion design) by: Helen Joseph-Armstrong. I picked up this book while I was taking sewing classes from my local College (Chinook College) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 2001 to 2003. unfortunately I don’t think they offer these same classes anymore. You’d have to check the College out.

I refer to this book concerning cowl neck line and on the bias.

I’ve draped my black fabric on Gillian to see how it falls. I even added a necklace and I decided to make the hem different. I find this design has evolved since I first started this project.

More pictures to come.

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