4. Interview with my Mother, a self-taught seamstress.

Mum and Me

Soon to come, well next week to be exact. I need to get a photo of her with me.

Finally I was able to sit down with my mom and get a photo and a well needed rest off our feet.

Interview: with my Mom.

My mother and I sat down at my brothers in his living room. It was a great afternoon to talk about how my mother learned to sew and who inspired her. Once she started taking a stroll down memery lane she almost left me behind, I was barely  able to keep up with her.

Q: Who taught you how to sew?
A: Lets go back to grade 9 when I took a homeconomics course in 1938. This is where I first learned how to use a sewing machine and my first project was a bowl cover for the fridge, a very useful item.

Q: Did you get hooked on sewing?
A: Yes, and in my early 20’s I visited my mom and asked her to teach me to sew; because, both my Grandma Gorham and my mother were accomplished seamstresses. The project I brought to my mother was a orange sheath dress with cap sleeves but she soon took over the project and I stood by to watch.

Q: Where did you go from there?
A: Yes, after my Mother showed me some how to sew. I took some classes when I returned home to Winnipeg. The first classes I took were: sewing 1, 2, 3-tailoring-patternmaking & stretch and sew. From these classes I played around with the patterns to make my own creations and, as they say the rest is history.

Q: Can you remember the first sewing machine you bought?
A: Yes, it was an Eatons domestic and it was $99.00. (mid to late 1940’s)

Q: Where did you take these sewing classes?
A: I learned to sew from established seamstresses who rented high school sewing rooms to teach other women how to sew.

Q: Did you sew for anyone else?
A: Only my family, I was asked by other people who admired my creations but I told them all to go and buy their own machines and learn to sew!

My own Mother sat me down in my early teens to teach me how to sew. When it came time for me to sew my wedding dress, she sat down again with me. Now that’s a great memory.

Who taught you how to sew? I have to say my Mom really enjoyed this interview, so did I.




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