3. Tools of my trade.

Over the years I’ve collected many tools for sewing, some have been passed down from my mother and aunt and grandmother, and still I’ve more to find.

Here are just a few of my sewing tools:

  • Thimbles are from a Grandmother.
  • Scissors big and small.
  • French curves of varying sizes.
  • Note book for ideas and tie-bit information.
  • Awl, his tool is new to me and it’s so us full, I use it to score paper for patterns I’m working on. ex: dart manipulation.
  • Tracing wheels. The one with picks on it came from my Mother.
  • Seam presser.
  • Pencil and eraser.
  • Presser feet.
  • Old tin of misalaious goodies found in my Mothers sewing box.
  • Clapper with point presser.
  • Clapper.
  • Grid ruler.
  • Seamstress measuring tape
  • Pencil sharpener.
  • Tracing pencils, I also use the ends bit left over from my bars of soap.
  • Colourful thread, I’m not keen on black and white and when I top stitch I like to see my thread.
  • Fun pins.
  • Sewing machine needles.
  • Button hole cutter.

And that’s just a few of my tools.

Ok my favourite pass time as a child was to sit down and rummage through my Mothers sewing box. I never got bored with this ritual and I knew everything in this sewing box. There wasn’t anything special about these objects, it was more the feeling that came over me as I picked up each one and held it in my small fingers turning this way and that before picking up the next one. I’m sure I spent hours doing this and my Mother never complained, not once.

What’s your favourite sewing memory?

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